Emotional Resilience: Foundations

Emotional Resilience is part of the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United SPECIAL Practice!

Grief results when promises are broken, when a truth is shattered.

Trust is broken when manipulative tactics are discovered.

Problems arise when boundaries of expectations aren’t clear or common.

Life Is A Balance

Sometimes We Do Better Than Others

Setting Clear Boundaries of Expectations or Standards of Engagement Matters In Life.

Trust is everything, Respect is foundational, Esteem is currency, Devotion is commitment, Attention moves us.

The Emotional Highrise of Awareness has been in my awareness for more than a decade now without my fully knowing it until nearly 5 years ago.

It started with being introduced to Esther Hick’s work channeling the consciousness called “Abraham” and her Emotional Guidance System that resonated deeply for me:

Expanded Emotional Spirals Based on the Emotional Guidance System

Expanded Emotional Spirals Based on the Emotional Guidance System

  • Boredom starts the descent into a world of denial or light in reversal which drives it into the ground (toward death and destruction).
  • Contentment is a state of being present in the moment that allows us to be fully pre-sent in the here and now where all our power exists.
  • The tipping point is the choice point where we choose which wolf we will feed based on the famous parable of the Chereokee Grandfather sitting with his Grand-one around the campfire at night who tells him there is a fight happening within between two wolves. One is all the states of being above the line and one is all the emotional states below the line. Eager to know the Grandson asked “Grandfather, which wolf will win?” to which the wise man replied “The one you feed.”
  • We have to choose whether to let ourselves let ANTS run our lives or whether we will be like ants who work in community to grow strong and resilient as individuals.
  • ANTS are Automatic Negative Thought Seeds which is Jim Kwic’s theory with seeds added to reflect the sensitive nature of growth and becoming.

Our living experience is very different in the downtown core of a bustling city compared to up high in the penthouse of the same building or further afield in nature where freedom is all around us. We get to choose and our emotions are the vehicles to do it!

Then when I heard the high rise theory that equates our awareness to a highrise building where our view is shaped by what level of the building we’re looking at life through.

And then when I combined the two theories to make each floor within the highrise building of us into a state of emotion, that’s when my journey inward really took off and I gained some hardwon experiences I’m glad I managed to survive!

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 2.50.44 PM

In 2022 I intend to find an artist willing and able to draw the Highrise of Emotional Awareness as a castle-esque building in a downtown Metropolitan area with each floor offering a higher quality experience with higher rent, new neighbours & clearer views. 

Competition details to be posted here so make sure you’re subscribed (and confirm)!

Album 22.2 is connected to that experience because music and emotions are so closely entwined with one another.

Together let’s discover how our emotions either serve or undermine us.

This is how we practice moving through our emotions without judgement, resistance or projection and having a community to move through that energy with is really empowering. Plus it may save some relationship casualties along the way which is great!

Remember, don’t use up your relationship capital too quickly. We all need one another right now like never before!
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Active Choice Point Theory is based on the convergence (meeting) of our REACTIVE patterns and our potential CREATIVE pattern that could replace the outdated one if we’re willing to move through the reorganization process.

Something is always going to happen because life is all about stretching and growing into more advanced and evolved versions of our former selves.

In the Choice Point Moment we get to choose which wolf will win that moment without sacrificing any aspects of ourselves in the process. And that takes relearning sacred insights that haven’t been easily accessible until now.

This is the moment where we get to choose whether to re-act the same way we have in the past so we get more of what we’ve got before with varying degrees of enjoyment for it or whether we will intentionally invest our energetic resources to work for us instead of against us.

Your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul are on the line being fought for right now. You better be fighting for the right side of our story at the end of the day or you’ll pay in the end.

Pay upfront and enjoy the interest from great use and enjoyment of that which was paid for outrightly or play upfront and pay with interest later, at a rate you may not always be able to afford. You choose how you will play with the 24 hour lottery you win each day.

These are some of the theories we’re going to dig into deeper in 2022 together.
Hope you will come a journey inward with others willing to do the same.

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