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Comparison Is A Deadly Game: Who Is On Your Throne?

Ever get so caught up comparing yourself to other people you think are further ahead than you are that you discredit all that you’ve done and have to offer because of it?

It’s normal and we’ve been trained to think that trying to keep up with the Jones is good enough.

The problem with ‘good enough’ is that the Universe will only ever give us what we’re willing to settle for and the lower our standards are the less bang for our buck we’ll be able to get for the time, effort, energy, attention and money we’re already investing into the fear of not getting what we say we want.

That’s the insane part of the creative process – doing what we’ve always done can only get us more of what we’ve always got.

Focusing on the fear puts us in a reactive state while focusing on the potential of our desire put us into a creative one.

Both require the same amount of energy but the outcomes will be completely different and the feeling of each are miles apart.

For nearly two years I have been working diligently to hone my message for a book I am starting again because when you are going through the journey, you change so much that when you come back to things you wrote before you had the higher perspective you gained from the journey, you deem it unworthy and toss it to the side vowing to return to it later. Or at least that has been my experience.

I came up with A LOT of content and figuring out how to put it into ‘the book’ I became obsessed with writing meant trapping myself in a downward spiral of self-doubt, disappointment, frustration, overwhelm, discouragement, resentment, revenge, insecurity, unworthiness, despair and all that comes with transforming the self-image. As someone that lives at a very high level, the lows have proven to be quite extreme too and at times I even had loved ones recommend anti-depressants because I got so low emotionally, but I knew that chemical therapy was not the answer for me.

What I understood and will share in the body of work I release as and when it’s ready is that my depressed states were the result of going through many dark nights of the Soul that every Spiritual teacher must endure in order to emerge from the chrysalis as a butterfly, able to support other caterpillars going through their own death and rebirth of their former identity too.

While adding value on my Social Media accounts and YouTube channel (I do hope you’ll subscribe here now), I wasn’t sharing how people could work with me because at the time I wasn’t in an emotional space to support myself, let alone anyone else.

I’m honest, transparent and candid in using my story to help others feel comfortable digging deep into their inner world to find and reintegrate the repressed, suppressed, depressed and rejected aspects of themselves but first I had to do the work for myself. I recently created a video touching on that process I’ll include here for your convenience…


That spiritual ‘dark night of the Soul’ is deadly to the self-image of our former identity, but what I can say from experience as I get accustomed to my new energetic signature and contribute these insights back to the world is that becoming the hero we were waiting for means returning to the place where it all began and knowing it for the first time.

Later this week I’ll be participating in a writing challenge with a Mastermind community I’m a member of and it means writing daily messages for 30 days that I’ll be sharing here on my blog. Last year, in October, I decided to do a 66 day writing challenge that I didn’t end up sticking with it because I went into a seriously dark place when the veils I’d thought were skin were stripped away. Befitting given my series was focused on transforming the self-image as all of my work seems to be; little did I know that it would be during that time frame I did it for myself, even though I stopped writing as I waded through the muck and sewage of my inner realm to reclaim the throne I’d let my inner child rule for longer than I’d like to admit.

What I learned is that I don’t want to do it on my own anymore, looking at life from an ivory tower of expertise that no one knows about and would rather come down, with others walking an authentic path, to contribute and receive value in exchange for the investments I make into the lives of others. Simple and obvious yet it still took me time to understand what that looked like for me. I got there in the end and am excited for how the changed landscape of my lifestyle looks; more on that in the coming month I’m sure…

The only true failure in life is not getting back up when we fall flat on our face.

I’ve lost teeth (actually I just wasn’t born with one of them – a major part of my journey home to myself I shared at the time and have reflected on since that will come out now that I’m finally ready to fully come out of hiding…) in order to bring this message to you now, but I’m willing to share my battle scars to help you release the shame around your own and I’ll make no claims of superiority in the process. 

We are all human which means failure, set back, disappointment and struggles will show up but comparing ourselves to others during those times is downright mean and uphelpful so don’t do it.

You, like me, are further ahead than you may be giving yourself credit for as you compare yourself to everyone else that appears further down the path than where you are. Most people aren’t willing to share the crap and downtimes because of their own fears of judgement. While I might not do it while I’m in it, for my own sake, I will share what I learned from the process in hopes it helps you feel better about where you are as you carve out your path in life too.

You just may need a little extra support and insight around what to expect through the journey and that’s what I’m here for.

I’ll be launching online courses and a membership community this year, and will get these books done too (it’s not just one I now realize), but for now I’m focused on contributing value to those soulfull seekers willing to let me be your guide along your spiritual path – while our paths are unique to us, there are secrets to getting through it with less pain, drain and drama if we’re willing to ask those who have been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.

Let’s walk this journey together instead of feeling threatened by each other! There’s more than enough for everyone to get what they want and enjoy the process together along the way!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. What are you struggling with along your spiritual path that you have questions about? Post below or email me personally at – I want to hear from you, human to human, so we can all go up and grow up together!

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