An Alternative Perspective On Illness & Dis-ease

The body often manifests cellular disharmony as a reflection of inner unrest during the upleveling phase of transforming our self-image and is the body’s way to make us take time out to either heal or die.  One way or another change is required and death is inevitable so why not make the most of the process by better understanding what’s really going on under the surface?

Either the soul will decide to leave this incarnation of itself as us because of the illness or dis-ease, or we will leave the outdated version of us behind and release a perspective that doesn’t serve us where we’re going next. Either way we won’t be the same because energetic upgrades penetrate our lives to the core of our being.

Forget the expectations and doubts and uncertainties that come up during this process and learn to listen to the signs the Universe is sending that growth is taking place within.

Sometimes it’s because we’ve been chasing what we want so bad that our Soul uses sickness to get us to slow down long enough for it to catch up with us, while other times it reflects the disharmonious creative patterns we’ve been using to create the life we currently have.

By analyzing and releasing what is unsustainable in our lives during this time and making room for that which will better support and serve us in experiencing and expressing ourselves as the Divinely creative beings we are, we have a chance to completely change our experience of something we may have otherwise looked upon with dread.

When illness shows up, whether it be a cold or something more deep rooted, ask yourself:

Where are you obligated in your life?

Who do you feel obligated to?

What about the dynamic makes you feel that way?

What are you willing to receive in its place?

(the Universe operates like a vacuum so we must be intentional about filling voids with intention rather than by default…)

When will you let go of your attachment to the not-now and call your power back to the present moment where you can create a reality that will better serve you?

Getting clear on what you want to receive in its place is key. Having access to an alternative perspective that can shake up your paradigm helps too and was cause for the first video I ever posted to my YouTube channel a few years back now on Why We Get Sick & What The Universe Is Trying To Gift Us – check it out here and share, subscribe and comment while you’re there!

Alternative perspectives often receive kickback until they’re more familiar and I hope this concept serves you in upleveling your perspective of illness to better understand the energetic upgrades that are taking place under the surface!

Much love and blessings sent your way,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Where in your life are you prepared to call your power back to the present moment that might cause some vibrational turbulence in your body? While it may be uncomfortable, it will be more than worthwhile I promise! 

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