May We Re-Member Who We Are & Came Here To Be!?!

Happy Remembrance Day to all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives, in life, death and in service, to protect the rights and freedoms of those who didn’t realize the enemy has penetrated the very systems used to govern us all. And may we all re-member who and whose we are and came here to be.


I really do have respect for the men and women who, in good faith, fulfill roles they uphold and believe in.


What I don’t respect are the systems of indoctrination that have deceived men and women into believing we are less than we are, and who then get taken into societies with cultures they don’t feel they can get out of without losing everything they have worked so hard to acquire.


Self-image is a far bigger component to life than we’ve historically given it credit for and is what the video series I recorded in the summer will dig into deeper – excitingly, today was the day my videographer got that series to me so I’ll be unleashing the Intro video tonight at 11:11pm as a Premier on my channel.


Happy 11:11 Gateway Portal day too! That post was written in 2011 but still relevant to the day and what’s unfolding a decade later even more overtly!!!


It’s a fine line I’m trying to tow on this day, as I do every other. Between the systems I don’t respect for their foundation is based in lies and deceit which is what I lack respect for, and the men and women who fulfill those positions of service without fully knowing what they are getting into until they are too deep in to turn back without losing their identity and all that it’s founded on.


Waking up from the ‘mitote’ which Don Miguel Ruiz describes in a great book called “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” that I read aloud last year if you want to have a listen is not a fun experience. Real-eye-zing the sting of truth that was hidden by myths, traditions and secret societies designed to deceive feels about the same as finding out Santa Clause isn’t real.


But even that myth was priming us for a life of lies in the name of “what has always been” and can no longer be accepted as it was before, for we came to be the change we seek in this world!


We’ve all been conditioned to think wars are fought with arms on battlefields like the men and women deemed heroes and celebrated today demonstrated and continue to demon-strait without fully being aware of what to beware of.


Together we can expose the lies and change the fates and futures of our younge ones who are relying on us to change the lies so they can come up on a foundation of truth and make that the cultural standard those who come from them use to build great lives and societies.


It may sound grandiose which psychiatrists use in diagnosing mental dis-orders ironically, but that’s only because their first role and responsibility is the break the patient’s will and make the man or woman acting as a patient transfer allegiance to them as the authority instead of themselves as William Glasser describes in a book I’ll touch on another day. The military and other establishments do the same but it’s frowned on to speak of such things…


Good thing I got the diagnosis (bi-polar), don’t choose to give it any power in my life, nor take the suppressing meds to control my emotions or disassociate from truth so that I can continue standing in the light of truth, so far as I see and feel it, for you to then discern what this means to and for you too. Ever since 2019 when all this became clear to me, as I skim over in the presentation I did last week on Notices & Liability, Hierarchy of Creation & Knowing Your Proper Status I encourage you to review if you haven’t already, I’ve embraced the term crazy by its lawful definition of being different, compared to insanity which the system is.


As always, lots to look into and come together to discuss in our Telegram group!


Sending love, respect and blessings to all who are doing their best in this world,


Laura JeH – Namaste


PS. Go here to listen to “The Four Agreements” and a few others I’ve read aloud in this playlist in hopes it blesses all who desire to fill our minds with nourishing soul food. And be sure to leave a comment when you do as I love hearing what comes up and how things sit and fit for you!!!

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This World is a better place with you in it 🙏🏼
I honour your blooming 🌸
Love your smile 😀
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Thank you for the love and support! It is better with you in it too!! Namaste

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