Let Us Discuss Music’s Role In Harmonizing Hue-Manity (Workshop @4pm TODAY)

How do the days seem to fly by the way they do now?

Things are changing for us all on an energetic, mythic, symbolic and literal level and it’s time to start talking about it in a different way.

I just got the Album 22.2 monthly meeting events posted to the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Meetup group and am excited to announce that with this next conscious compilation project for artists now underway, we are hosting our first educational workshop on the influence of different Hertz frequencies on our energy fields and how to intentionally make music that heals and raises the vibe of listeners instead of opening us to negative energetic influences as the mainstream is currently geared toward.

Michael Seegers and I made a video about this for Album 22 which you can watch here.

In today’s workshop @4pm EST Eric Vasquez (Tōn-E) will share the technological process he used to change the instrumental for our track on Album 22 from 440hz (the current standard) to 432hz (which is supportive and healing for our energy fields), based on the information Michael shared in the above video.

One of the requirements for participating in Album 22.2, as listed in the meetup details for today’s event and the monthly meetings posted there too, is to contribute a secret or useful insight to support fellow artists in their upleveling experience so that we can be the iron that truly sharpens iron in the community we are forming through these conscious compilation projects!

In light of the recent Travis Scott concert tragedy, which I believe is the polar opposite of what we’re intending to create and I’ll share what I mean on the call, it’s the perfect time to create a countercultural movement to heal, support and harmonize our cells and selves using the very air waves that have been weaponized against us whether we’ve been aware of it or not.

Robin Benedict is a fellow Canadian artist whose song to be included in Album 22.2 is attuned to 432hz  too and is appropriately called Freedom. She will be joining us to share her insights as a career artist who will soon also become a Mom to baby Freedom, as her and DJ Alan’s baby girl will be called. Knowing we have a bun in the oven being baked with love from a community of conscious creators feels symbolically significant so we’re thrilled to see who is already stepping forward to be part of this experience!

We all have something valuable to share with those who care to listen so our hope is to gather as many of us together in the name of being the change we seek in this world as possible.

Too much power (through fear, anger and otherwise) has been directed toward the New World Order that has weaponized so many aspects of our environment against us. NOW it is time for us to redirect our attention onto the New Orderly World that we are bringing into REALITY NOW each time we gather to consciously uplevel ourselves, our cells and those around us!

Grab the details for our monthly meetings from Meetup and jump on today’s meeting if you’re ready to be part of something epic!

Topic: Harmonizing Frequencies Workshop (ft Eric Vasquez, Laura JeH, Jared Wade, Robin Benedict & More)

TODAY: Nov 12, 2021 @04:00 PM EST (1pm Pacific; 9pm UK time)

Join Zoom Meeting here: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85266110460?pwd=b3RMYllqQnZjbTNVRUxFRjBPZlI1UT09

OR login with your app using Meeting ID: 852 6611 0460

Passcode: PEACE

Once we become more conscious of the energetic influences in our environment on all levels, which includes the literal, mythic, symbolic and energetic planes of creation as we’ll dig into today, I believe we’ll be able to call back our power into the pre-sent NOW moment more than ever before; and that is exactly what is needed now.

With love,
Laura JeH – Namaste 🙏

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