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The Sacred Sojourn of the Soul Going Live!!! My Well Is Overflowing

My heart overflows with gratitude as I write this.


At 11:15am EST the most significant video I believe I’ve ever released is going to ‘premier’ on my YouTube channel and you’ll be able to watch it live through this link:


I’m not sure whether you’ve ever heard the well analogy where our energy is concerned but I want to offer that insight quickly here in relation to the overflow I mentioned.


Our energy is like a well whose levels reflect the level of our self-care, particularly over time.


If we constantly pour out without taking time to pour back in the well eventually will dry up, but if we are intentional about pouring back in as we go then it is possible to get to a point of overflowing where we’re able to give without attachment because of how abundant we feel.


If we don’t do that, we fall into the dysfunctional creative trap of irresponsibility and obligation that mean we start giving from our reserve supply, which often comes with expectations and attachments because we need what we’re giving to others which is energetically irresponsible.


If we are able to shift our intention to creating functionally, that is when we shift out of irresponsibility and obligation into the functional creative spectrums of constraint and freedom; in this Uni-verse of polarity which means there is an equal and opposite to everything, what we must realize is that we cannot have freedom if we do not have constraints, and vice versa.


The reason I believe I am able to give the most prized teaching I’ve come up with, in this video, without expectation or attachment is that I have been practicing the art of self-care and allowing myself to act on inspiration instead of obligation, and I will continue to fine tune this skill.


My hope is that this reminder will help you do the same!


I also hope you’ll choose to jump on the livestream of a video that has transformed me as I came to the understanding I share in the video launching shortly.


So beyond grateful, if that is possible. And hoping that my overflow can splash onto you and help activate your own enthusiasm and appreciation for who you are and get to be in this world!


If that idea doesn’t excite you quite as much as you’d like, then it’s all the more reason to plug into the premiere to see why you truly can change that at any time!


With love,


Laura JeH – Namaste


PS. Tomorrow at 3:30pm EST I’m cohosting a monthly meeting for artists willing to consciously create music that will help with harmonizing hue-manity and you’re invited if that resonates for you. The link is available on Meetup.


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