5/33: Self-Compassion Is The Secret To Service

I sang a song and recorded a message for you that failed to record because my computer is so full of all that came before it, so I’m writing today’s message before the Self-Compassion Service at 2pm EST which I’ll share to YouTube & Facebook.
I keep trying to delete things that are no longer needed on my main computer but there’s just so much information constantly coming in that it’s hard to keep track of how much storage capacity I have left until I hit the limit and am forced into organization mode.
I feel that’s symbolic for where we are as a collective and decided that I wanted to start a new ritual with the year which is to host a Sunday service each week where we can come together to uplift one another, offer insights through the tale of the week, and connect in community where we can feel we belong to something greater than ourselves, for that is our inherent longing as a soulfull being.
We have become such a divided people, polarized between masks and no-masks, to Vacation or not to Virally change our genetic structure (not truly the Vs I was referencing…) and whether we will put everything into building a career that builds the vision of the corporate structure we devote our energies to or whether we will take the pay cut that comes with pursuing a spiritual path and dedicate ourselves to understanding the game of life.
I’ve picked the latter and devoted myself to it since 2011 when I first got certified as a coach, teacher and speaker and then spent the next near decade looking to outer authorities to give me permission to realize my vision, finding that none of them would or could.
No one can see our vision until we bring it into reality and give them something to hold onto.
It’s like the masks that fear-full people wear that gives them a false sense of comfort about a story written by globalists and technocratic eugenecists which advocates for improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits and which values technological advancement more than humanity. It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population and is behind the Georgian Guidestones in Atlanta that outlines the depopulation agenda that is currently unfolding and we are called to rise up against.
I believe it is us, the ones who are alive right now, who chose to come to here to play our part in the turning around of our own karma and that of the collective that we are part of.
If I’d understood what was coming I would have watched Game of Thrones with very different eyes, but what I know for sure is that each of us are the equivolent of characters playing a role in the ultimate production that is playing out right now and we have to decide whether we will be brave and take a stand for what we choose to create for our future or whether we will play small and try to conform so we don’t make those around us uncomfortable.
What I know for sure is that as I’ve stepped more and more into my authentic nature and have faith in the vision planted in my heart, I’ve lost a lot of people in my life who just can’t relate to me anymore and many who just don’t even want to because what I’m saying evokes such a state of cognitive dissonance that they just can’t go there.
I get it. I’m not for everyone and neither will you be. That’s ok.
Some will love us despite of and for our eccentricities but the biggest cheerleader you need to win over is the one within your own mind.
Let’s dig deeper into that at 2pm EST today!!! It will be livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube too. Next week I’ll make it a proper meeting and you can join me on camera if you’re able to too!
Now to make some room on my computer to support it all!!
Stay strong and stand in your power,
Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. If you missed it, here’s the replay posted 4:22pm EST same day – find ways to be proud of yourself like I am feeling today!

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