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25/33: It Was Still Happening You Just Weren’t Notified…

I’ve stopped posting my blogs here but continued to send them to the 35 subscribers that have said yes to receive my regular messages.

It’s a really small number I know but I uprooted all my hard efforts in 2019 from since I’d started on this journey back in 2011 when I first got certified as a coach, teacher, speaker with the John Maxwell Team so it’s been a slow rebuild. The JMT was the fastest growing leadership training and development program in the world in the beginning years when I was heavily involved until 2017 when I stopped being a Program Coordinator so I could ‘make it on my own.’

What I actually made in that time was a complete mess of my life but from the ashes the Phoenix rises and that’s what I feel it is time for us all to do now together!

At the March 2017 JMT event, I served as Paul Martinelli’s event Assistant because his Executive Assistant and now life partner Holly had just had her second child and couldn’t attend. To say I got close to the flame of the leadership in that company would be nothing shy of the truth.

Before that, I’d spent four years with a different Faculty member as a life partner living in England, fitting into his life as a supported partner, domestic goddess and errand runner. It was deemed inconvenient for me to have a job so I lived an isolated life in the English countryside of Worcester and Hanley Castle working my life around the man I’d moved there to be with. And while doing that I also managed the coaching partnerships program for the mentorship program and helped my ex with various business related opportunities, including trainings that took me to London and Ireland for marketing and sales training. Plus while there I got heavily involved with Neal’s Yard Remedies as an Organic Skincare Consultant for a year, devouring their trainings about how to build a successful MLM and the petrochemical industry as it pertains to the ingredients in our products. I loved it and am grateful I learned as much as I did!

I even managed to build a team of 30 in my first year with the company in a country where I’d known no one until the year before. And won an incentive trip that paid for my flight back home to Canada which was the only reason I’d set it as a target in the first place, which is a story for tomorrow.

To say my exposure and interest in leadership and sales/marketing training is above average would be an understatement but my fascination with spirituality has trumped even that.

I share all of this because even though I stopped posting my blogs here for the last week or so I’ve continued to send them to my subscribers because I want people to have a reason to sign up – if I put everything on the website then there’s no need to sign up to receive them straight to your inbox; doing so does mean you can benefit from ‘message medicine’ where you find the part of the message that resonates and know that was what you needed in that moment.

My time abroad, living in England, expanded my horizons beyond what I could possibly explain.

Being involved with an ever growing organization of leaders and change agents enriched my circle of influence greatly.

Learning about business by getting involved with a Multi-Level Marketing company I believed in and that offered great training resources was invaluable in my growth process, and winning an incentive trip that took me to Boston, Rhode Island and Dallas was a big part of that too.

I’ll share more about that trip tomorrow but for today want to just offer this reminder that just because you aren’t seeing it happening here does not mean it is not happening. Uplifting messages are still being dropped into people’s inboxes daily, it’s just you aren’t receiving them if you don’t subscribe to this page (and confirm the confirmation email).

Grateful to be sharing this journey with you and will finally be able to use all the pictures I’ve been acquiring over the years to tell an epic journey about growth and expansion that serves as a reminder that everything is always happening for us, not just to us as the victim within would have us believe.

It’s time to harness where we’ve been to get where we are to go where we intend to go, and to gather with the ones who want to support us in that process!

If you’re an artist, join the Mystic Music Summit at 3:30pm EST today or the Lawfully Organized Summit on Thursday Jan 28 at 4pm EST. Gathering is where our power grows which is why we’re being encouraged not to do it.

Let’s overcome this psyop together by acknowledging how far we’ve come even if the evidence in all places may not show it! There is a proverb or few to go there so I’m curious which one you would recommend based on what it reminds you of? Comment below to let me know and know that I look forward to coming to you tomorrow with a message about the Incentive Trip that taught me about broken spirits and the toxic culture of consumerism.

Love Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. Life doesn’t stop just because we stop posting updates about it. It is time for us to begin fully living in all of those moments, whether captured or not, and to make life more about the experience than what it looks like!

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