14/33: Back On Track – Becoming Lawfully Organized!!!

It’s easy to fall off the ladder and fail to get back on the rungs to climb back where we left off when we do but we must go forward from where we are anyway, just this time in a new way.


I know because I’ve fallen on my face so many times I’ve learned the taste of dirt from different continents having travelled the world to become who I am today.


I am grateful for all of it because travel, training and teaching what I was learning have become part of my lifestyle and now that possibility is threatened for future generations and I dare to say I will not passively stand by as it happens. Even though it was a raw and vulnerable experience, life has been a way for me integrate the incredible lessons and information that I was receiving into my inner-standing system. Which leads me to a link I’d like to share with you and may have already done so through Facebook if we are connected. It’s worth the read, do so here now!


What I know for sure is that there is a spiritual war being fought right now for our souls, hearts, minds and bodies and if we aren’t care-full about who we trust, we could get hoodwinked all the way into the voluntary enslavement movement that the Vs represent if they truly do contain the Luciferase enzyme and patent 060606 (filed for by The Gates Foundation in March 2020) when it became possible for those who receive said ‘input into their system’ thus to become like a patented GMO product that is now owned by the patent holder.


Yep, that’s the same guy (and his homies of the highest orders) that created computer viruses to maintain control of a useful tool back in the 90s when they were first introduced and who now wants to do the same thing but with the human population this time. It should be worrying that Gates is a known eugenicist on board with the depopulation agenda of 2030 and Agenda 21, as outlined in the Georgian Guidestones, and the Rockefeller Report 2010 where all that is now happening was laid out plainly for us to know what to expect… but that would be an ugly truth to look at.


And if that level of preparation was not thorough enough, an event was hosted in October 2019 called Event 201 which was a 5 hour simulation experiment where members of the corporatocracy we are now called to stand against together gathered to practice how they would respond to a Pandemic if ever that were to be a reality for humanity. Curious timing…


It’s absolute insanity and we all know it.


We feel it deep within our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, and we are the ones who have come here to change it before it changes what it means to be a human being all together. Because just like there are very few non-GMO seeds left in existence, all of the remaining options are programmed to self-terminate after their first year which means we have said ok to sterilizing the planet and ourselves with it. And now it is time for us to decide to step up and change that, despite the discomfort it is going to cause us as we change gears.


What we talk about and are not yet showing is that we care about our future and the generations who will receive the torch that we pass on to them, and yet rescinding ourselves to accept things the way they are is not good enough; poor leaders in positions of high power got there because of us and can be taken down the same way too, so it is time to hold ourselves personally responsible and others too.


We have a chance to positively direct our attention in order to create worlds that we can enjoy exploring and sharing with those we love, and all of that starts with the work that we are willing to do within our own cells.


We have to strengthen our faith muscles and atrophy our fear by changing where we’re willing to place our power.


Instead of giving our power to the fearfull story that would be really horrible if it were actually true, we are called to look around and see how fear itself weakens our immune system and the fear of fear is worst of all. Thus this Plandemic has been the perfect way to make us a fear-full people instead of standing as the sovereign beings of our own lands like Jacquie Phoenix, myself and fellow warriors will discuss in the Lawfully Organized Summit at 4pm EST (JAN 14).


There is an attempted overtaking of life as we know it and if we fail to do what is required now – which is stop watching the news and start to sing a Uni-verse-all song that will strengthen and unify us as a people striving together to bring in the Golden Era of creative potential like the link I shared above speaks of in great depth – click here now. There’s more to it but there are at least three aspects of a solution right there.


Jacquie will explain why the Practical Lawful Dissent Movement is not connected to America’s current President and why we are being called, as he has been, to take a stand for hue-manity as INDIVIDUALS regardless of whether the world makes up stories about us in hopes of bringing us down before dismantling the old fear-based system or not.


It’s a cruel world out there but it’s less cruel when we realize that we’re not in it alone and now we have meeting places to gather and grow our hearts, souls, and minds together. Soon we will build in a physical strengthening process to ensure we have tangible steps to follow that will give us results on every level too, but one step at a time is all we can do!


Join our PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United group on Meetup and RSVP for the Lawfully Organized Summit where many others already have! I’m excited for what is coming and what this could mean to and for us all!


I pray that you will choose to become a sacred activist for the rights that you may currently take for granted but should not be able to do to your descendents in good conscience with the awareness you are being offered here, which is why we are called to rally together and mastermind at the highest level for a soul-u-tion we can all grow from.


If you just want to come for the reading of “The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz” by yours truly, then come back to YouTube at 7pm for the next part of the warrior’s code we are being called to develop now and I believe this material is part of.


Join us and be part of the #INNERPEACEMOVEMENT, plus invite some friends so we can all get empowered together!


Peace Be In You,


Laura JEH – Namaste


PS. Mhy way is a play on ‘Me/My/Mine’ combined with ‘Why’ + Way so we realize the layering effect of our dreams and how they can fit into the larger picture once we do our part to bring our piece of the puzzle to the table. And also why daring to find your own way matters right now as much as ever, even if it means coming up with your own words to do it!

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