13/33: The Good Fight & My Own Battles – Let Us Unify Our Power Intentionally!!!

Today I’m holding myself accountable to get my own SPECIAL Practice officially started!

As I figure out how to advocate for myself as a sovereign non-mask-wearing individual at work, able to distinguish what is best for my own health (and the mental health of others), I call for us all to unite in the name of truth and justice.

Beside me on my printer my rights as an employee are being printed off from Stand Up Canada who sent me a package to help in my rebuttle to the recent ‘mandated medical note’ requirement that is a clear violation of our constitutional rights, freedoms and liberties by the corporatocracy we’ve given our power to. Because what my 2.5week involuntary retention in a mental institution in 2019 taught me is that if we don’t know our rights, we don’t have any.

By requesting employees to sign away our rights when everything so was uncertain, they changed the rules without letting us know before it was done.

Not to mention how this whole experiment has turned us all into patients without our permission, similar to parents who make their children sick so they can get attention for having a sick child; Munchausen Syndrome (by proxy) is live & well cult-ur-ally.

As I figure out how to pull everything I’ve been gathering together most effectively to help myself and the greatest number of people during the charged times ahead as possible, I follow the signs and last night when I dropped to my knees in front of one of my bookshelves and saw “Excuses Begone” stood out as if it were calling to me, I pulled the book out and remembered buying it the day I lost both a job and volunteer opportunity in the same moment, many years ago.

It was during an interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and I was honest that I had quit smoking marijuana recently, before it was legal. That truth sealed my fate as an outsider ever after.

I remember going back to my car where this book was sat on the passenger seat, and all these years later I still haven’t read the whole thing. Maybe just a few pages here and there over the years but after that day when I paid so dearly to tell the truth and had a chance to exterminate external ‘crutches’, you would think I’d have learned my lesson. And yet here I sit realizing how little that story has changed.

I still tell the truth even when it’s inconvenient and find myself hooked into the habitual cycle of smoking for a while and then quitting before starting back up with less restrain and abandon each time due to its growing familiarity.

A white lie would have got me the position I wanted with relatively no harm done and yet somehow I just didn’t think to do it.

Writing this email too, with its vulnerability and inconvenient private truths rarely spoken on a public forum included, and yet it was the message that started flowing through my fingers as they raced along the key board yesterday so instead of not sharing them at all, I gave myself an extra day to edit and publish it. I didn’t want to censor the message completely but wasn’t comfortable sending it yet, so I missed a day in the 33 days to Dream a New Dream Together series and am ok with that.

I contemplated writing a new email on a less charged or revealing subject this morning, but no. It’s time to face the truth.

The truth has always been important to me and yet despite that being the case, weed has remained something that I battle with myself about because part of me sees it as a hinderance to achieving all that I’m working toward while the other part justifies it and makes room for it in my life even though I don’t really want it to be there (at that level of resonance) anymore.

When I randomly pulled Wayne Dyer’s “Excuses Begone” book off the shelf yesterday, reminiscing back to that day outside the Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada office where I learned the cost of truth and bad habits. I flipped open to “Chapter 5 – The Second Principle: Alignment” and decided to read the poem that started the chapter as if it were my bedtime medicine:

“[I]t is only by becoming Godlike that we can know God – and to become Godlike is to identify ourselves with the Divine element which in fact constitutes our essential nature, but of which, in our mainly voluntary ignorance, we choose to remain unaware.” – from The Perennial Philosophy, by Aldous Huxley

I knew I wasn’t living fully aligned with the quest for purity, truth, dignity and honour by smoking marijuana, and have received divine guidance to quit for years, yet the 17 year old within just does not want to let weed go because of how it gave me a tool to belong with other out of the box thinkers. And over the years it has become so engrained in my self-image I have used it as an unofficial sacred ceremony to ritualize my day and somehow escape the full presence of the NOW moment; so things must change in me for things to change for me and external motivation is a reward I respond well to so I’m putting this out there despite how it may make me look to those who judge themselves harshly too…

It is where I am today and I’m ok with that. I can start doing better moving forward, right from where I am right now.

Every time we seek an external influence to change our emotional state for us, we must understand it comes with its own energetic signature that changes ours and if we don’t know to beware of it, we risk overlooking the blurred energetic fields that influence us subconsciously. So let us get more strict about who we are willing to let into our energetic field and how much of ourselves we are willing to give away in the process of experiencing being “Broken Open,” the namesake of which Elizabeth Lesser penned that featured a Japanese poem by Fujiwara no Teika:

From the beginning

I knew meeting could only 

End in parting, yet 

I ignored the coming dawn

And I gave myself to you.

Lesser says “my Shaman Lover was practiced in the art of falling in love. He saw the end coming even before we started; I danced into the flames like a silly moth, drunk on the fire, drunk on the kiss. This was the kiss, and suddenly I wanted it with my whole life (120).”

We need to hunger for our own transformation this much and developing a sacred self-care practice that honours all of who we are matters more than ever now that we are living in the challenging times we currently find ourselves in. While I too am battling my own need to change limiting behaviour patterns, committing to change with others can be highly motivating (and healthy when not dependence based) and so Monday January 18 is going to become the starting point for developing my own SPECIAL Practice with other PEACEFULL INNER Warriors willing to begin their journey back to their true power source.

It is time to realize we are the players in the game of life at this time in history and having our own SPECIAL Practice will help us stay true to ourselves and our long term goals despite the competing distractions that can nudge you off track if you aren’t focused. So let’s work on creating one together by gathering in the coming week:

Sunday January 17 at 10:10am EST I’m hosting the next Sacred Self-Compassion Service.3 and it would be great to have you be there for it as we grow our community of soulfull seekers looking to connect with other power-full players.

Monday January 18 at 7pm EST I’m hosting the first group coaching call of its kind for those ready to go on a deeper dive with me and I’ve put the fee as $11 CDN to reflect the new beginning this is for us to have a private group where we can be real and speak honestly about what is happening for us. If you would like to be part of that please send a paypal payment to hamiltlj@gmail.com with the email address you want to be communicated to with so I can get you the details and follow up too. It’s going to be an experience using what I’ve found most helpful through my own transformation!

More immediately, you can join me for the Lawfully Organized Summit or a reading of The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz tomorrow.

Taking a stand for our rights and freedoms as sovereign beings is an important step forward toward sovereignty and is part of what we’ll be focusing on in Thursday’s Lawfully Organized Summit at 4pm EST (Jan 14)And then learn Warrior’s code in The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz read aloud by me at 7pm EST (Jan 14) just because I want to read a story together as we write our own!

Do your best to get yourself in the room for these opportunities for we are literally making history right now!

Big things are happening and while we have the choice to sit back and do nothing, we also have a chance to be part of the action and help where hurting people have been hurting people and must now be taken to account for their choices.

Looking forward to sharing the journey over the coming days and appreciate you in advance for the impact your pre-sent choices are making on the minds, hearts, spirits and lives of those you’re connected to! We’re in this together because we’re stronger that way!

Let’s ripple with love, joy and freedom in our hearts!

Laura JEH – Namaste


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