Start With The End In Mind… DAY ONE of 66

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     In the modern day age of instant gratification and access, it is more important than ever to be clear about what you want in life so you can intentionally draw more of it to you, and stay focused on what really matters to you.
     But it’s not just about what you want, materialistically or even symbolically. It’s about going deeper into the veils you’ve accepted throughout your life to find your true, raw and authentic self, underneath of it all.
     It’s about getting clear on why you want what you want and, beyond that, what you’re willing to do to get it.
     For many years I accepted the veils of illusion and expectation that I thought I was supposed to or that made me ‘more’ somehow, or ‘good enough’, but what I failed to understand was that I didn’t need to become anything other than I already was. I just had to get back to it and figure out how to help others do the same!
      That’s what this past year and a half has really been about for me.
      The notion of safety, comfort and security is a false illusion that is killing our creativity and keeping us stuck in a rat race that wasn’t even ours to begin with, but that we adopted and took on as if it were. It’s the BS – Belief System – we bought into and it’s driving us insane, by Einstein’s definition (doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results).
      Unless you know something I don’t, you can’t exactly make it out of life alive so it’s time to cut through all the noise and get back to what really matters while you’re here.
      Over the next 66 days I’ll be emailing my subscribers daily with a prompt to help you cut through these veils and get in touch with your creative nature.
      We will walk through the transformation of your self-image together and keep you accountable for becoming someone you respect and trust to act with your highest good in mind, and at heart.
      I’ll be writing these messages live so it’s raw, relatable and real because it helps to know that you not only have support but that you aren’t alone in this either. I’ll also be incorporating passages from A Soulfull Seekers Guide to I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. (due out Christmas 2018) as appropriate because I want you to have access to it before it’s launched and be equally as excited about it as I am.
       That’s not really possible as the publication of this book will literally be like the birth of my first (book) child, but I know its content has the potential to help many people because it has helped me; I hope you’ll be quite excited nonetheless and will keep you posted on its progress as I go.
      This book is also part of my legacy and that means the wisdom I’ve acquired will be able to help others I may never meet.
      Whether you are or intend to be an author or not, your presence in someone’s life is either helping or hindering them and those they connect with too; the impact you have on them will be a direct reflection of the legacy you will be remembered for.
     How do you want to make people feel? – that is how they will remember you.
     What do you want to be remembered for? – achievements, character, gifts
     Who do you want to remember you? – those you know and who will know of you
     Why does this matter to you? – knowing your own motives keeps you motivated
     When do you want to have created this impact by? – deadlines keep us accountable
     Where do you want your legacy to reach? – how big a splash do you want to make?
     Take some time answering these questions in a journal I would encourage you to keep for the duration of this series, and beyond it, so you can track the progress you make as you go about your days and always remember to include the date of each entry. You won’t remember what you didn’t know once you know it, so keeping track of the new insights and levels of awareness you reach as you go will be motivating to go back over later when you forget how far you’ve come.
     Leadership expert Robin Sharma says “your days are your life in miniature” so make your legacy great by getting intentional about how you want to leave the world better for your having been here and take aligned action on it right away.
      As self-image expert Maxwell Maltz said “changing your self-image does not mean changing yourself, but changing your own mental picture of that self.”
      You’re already amazing my friend, it’s just about changing your story by remembering you are the author of your own life.
      May this series help you own that authorship and create the life of your dreams!
      Much love,
           Laura JeH – Namaste
      PS. This email first went out to my people on October 15 and I was reluctant to post this to my website because I wanted people to be in it live. Or was I just hiding in public view? We’ll get into it throughout this series because that’s part of the change I’m going through now with you! 

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