Becoming Congruent is the Name of the Game

Congruence is defined as “an agreement or harmony; compatibility” and to be that within yourself is a gift to your soul.

I believe that right now we are being called to develop a sacred practice that honors our wholly cell-ves so that we can treat ourselves and others better, and begin to live more harmoniously with the environment that we are living in.

I believe we have become detached from our roots and have layered so many stories on top of the truth that it interferes with our sense of worthiness to the point where we lose track of who and whose we are until we’re faced with the truth and given a chance to defend ourselves honourably in the pursuit of our dream.

Reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Choelo out loud last year was a gift to myself as much as it was to you but this month I want to share a different masterpiece: “The 4 Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Book” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

I already read the Introduction last year if you want to hear that before Thursday’s live reading of Chapter One called “Domestication and the Dream of the Planet” at 7pm EST streamed live to Facebook and YouTube.

Today I hosted the first Sacred Service of Self-Compassion of 2021 and wanted to make sure you had access to it. You can watch the replay of most of the service; I’ll post the part that didn’t make the cut in a bonus video shortly… everything happens exactly as it is meant to.

I started writing the book I haven’t submitted the final manuscript for back in April 2017 when I felt like I had something to prove and now I’ve come to realize that in the struggle of giving my power away by not getting it done, and putting so much emphasis on realizing my dream, that I actually learned what it took to take it back! It was a difficult process but I’m happy to share what I went through to ensure you don’t go through it quite so fearfully as we’re all navigating a mostly familiar path.

More to come in the messages that follow this week!

Today’s message reflects my desire to be congruent and complete day 6/33 Days To Dream A New Dream. Glad you’re walking this path with me!

Many blessings wished your way.

Namaste – Laura JeH

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