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Our Divine Birthright & Our I.N.N.E.R. Kingdom

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When we connect with people on an authentic level we really allow ourselves to flourish as the leaders that we inherently are regardless of our title, label or role at work or in our community.

It is time to start accessing individuals through the corporate socializing systems for which school and business are prime influencers. We must remember the significance of what we see show up for us even when it doesn’t fully make sense.

It is our birthright to be called Kings and Queens of an I.N.N.E.R. world that has found a balance between judgement and mercy.

What an exciting time of new beginnings when we have a chance to explore ourselves as the creative powerforce that is meant to liberate us from the present moment.

It’s about showing up to the present moment and learning to look between the seeming net that veils the truth of our magnificence.

We all enjoy a good royal wedding so it is time to host the wedding of all weddings for ourselves, within our inner ecosystem of our inner kingdom. It is time for us to marry ourselves in front of everyone that matters to us most which must be our inner courtroom of previous versions of ourselves that have stayed back in the traumatic or dramatic experience instead of coming along into the present moment to be deployed in a new way.

It is the celebration of our love in public which allows everyone to enjoy the coming of age party that sparks our advancement into the parental role of our own inner life. We must incorporate ritual and ceremony into our S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice like we would a religious practice, except there are 22 Rules for membership that require you consciously question and participate in the creative process that brings everything together at the perfect time with the ones that must be there to share in the full experience.

It is time for us to consciously create a F.U.L.L. experience of life, love and manifesting something that will not only benefit us but benefit everyone that gets to learn from our/your example.

To become F.U.L.L. of I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. we must simply channel our Passion, Enthusiasm, Authenticity, Clarity and Encouragement into something that is greater than we are.

Our inner archetypes rule unconsciously until we bring intention to them. There is a shadow and light side to our survival archetypes which consist of the victim, child, saboteur and prostitute who each teach us about our own integrity.

We must know what we are willing to sell or trade ourselves and our T.E.E.A.M. players for and when we are ready embrace our enoughness.

Marry yourself first dear one.

Be the mirror that you love looking through because it makes you feel the way you hope you’ll feel when you get the things you think you want. That’s ultimately what we’re really after in our creative process and our biggest consideration: what will make me feel the best, and the fastest, and the most painlessly.

It’s time to become aware of the edges of our boxes and how they are reaching toward others who are willing to drop their walls for the sake of connecting too. We must pay attention to where the edges overlap with others as we drop the walls on our BS> the belief systems that rule our inner kingdom.

Every piece of a holographic image contains the whole image in every piece so the individual is able to reflect the whole.

The Terror Barrier is on the outer edge of the growth and stretch zone that will put the comfort zone to be more inclusive when we become the one we’ve been waiting for.

We have an opportunity to ride our potential all the way home to the sexiest part of ourselves that allows us to stay safe within ourselves.

We must ask the questions that we are seeking answers to because if we have the questions chances are good that someone else likely does too but are too afraid to speak their mind. I will either answer as many of your questions as possible or find one of my personal connections who are well equipped to do so for me because questions are how we change our world.

What I finally realized after writing a book for nearly two years that was trying to offer answers, is that answers are simply options that must be followed by questions like:

What does this mean to and for me?

What am I going to do with this information?

What is a new behaviour pattern that I could adopt? What would a supportive setup sentence be for it?

How can we use this information to increase our own level of awareness?

How can we connect with others and discuss what this means to and for them so we can see it from another perspective?


It is time for us to get curious and conscious about what things mean to us and where the feeling shows up inside of us.

We must become the conscious participants of our own emotions within the high rise of emotional awareness and by understanding we don’t have to go from zero to hero but rather must just be willing to get ourselves back in the driver’s seat of our inner world faster.

We must liberate ourselves on all levels and having a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice will give you a system to follow which helps:

Soul – this is the G.O.D. Spark within that is the Grand Overall Designer of our inner and outer world

Physiology – movement with the body our Soul is driving through life in matters; this is the storage centre of your breath

Emotions – the energies in emotion inside of you get lodged inside of you unless you help them move sometimes

Consciousness – understanding how we come to believe as we do helps us relate to others regardless of our apparent differences

Intuition – this is the teacher we paid ahead of time for a lifetime’s worth of insight; this part of us comes from a higher level

Alignment – where your intention goes your attention flows and where your attention goes your energy flows; movement matters

Love and Bubbles – there is only love and fear in life and the bubbles create circles of separation that make us feel safe when we must realize that life is about dropping the walls in order for us to connect from our own strong foundations and overlapping dropped walls

Next we could get into functional and dysfunctional creative spectrums and how constraint and freedom are opposite sides of the same coin when irresponsibility and obligation are the shadow opposite to the light side of this creative process…

but there’s only so many twists and turns we can do down a rabbit hole before we say enough for today. Let me do that for us both and consider this a working chapter within one of the books I’m working on right now…

multiple books is what happens when you marinate in something for as long as I have been this book, let me tell you!

Would love your feedback below or in reply and hope this message serves you as encouragement to start your special practice at your earliest convenience. Life is not a dress rehearsal so let’s just get on with it in the moment and see where things go from here.

Much love,

Laura JEH- Namaste

“When we let our own life shine our presence automatically liberates others” – Marianne Williamson #2020 #President #globalissues #unitedkingdoms #selfesteem #selfimage #trust #collaboration #power #authenticity #leadership #change

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