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The Flip Side of Drama In Relation To The Current Situation We Find Our Cells In


Drama has become a culturally accepted currency that fuels itself because it spreads like wild-fire, giving us more drama to talk about even if only to discuss the one who vented their drama to us (or used a dramatic image like the above screenshot to grab attention ;).

I remember receiving a chain email years ago, when that was still a ‘thing’, about the “Law of the Garbage Truck” which basically said that people are running through their days in a daze getting filled up with drama, problems, stuffed-down emotions and traumas and eventually they need to offload the baggage they’ve picked up so sometimes they’ll park in front of you and spew.

The moral of the message was that when someone pulls up ready to offload we have a choice as to whether we will stay where we are and let their garbage cover us or whether we will simply step out of the way and carry on with our day.

In theory, side-stepping the unloading process is the best thing we can do for ourselves yet in a world where so many people have learned to bond and connect with others through problems, disabilities, diagnosis’, and traumas as their primary currency of exchange, getting dumped on can actually make some people’s day because of how much fuel it gives them to stay in their familiar position as victim of their circumstances.

The (Karpman’s) drama triangle is foundational to the culture of victim consciousness that’s been brewing in recent decades and creating dysfunctional creative expressions we tend to blame, complain, entrain and justify has become the metaphoric ‘lowest hanging fruit’ for securing attention and connection which is an issue we now need to address.

The inverted (blue) triangle sees the victim at the bottom looking up to the rescuer on one side to save them from the punisher or persecutor on the other. We play out these disempowered roles with others and also within ourselves if we’re not care-full.

This disempowered dynamic puts our survival archetypes on the defensive which keeps us focused on lower level motivational needs for survival, safety and belonging at the expense of (self)respect and self-actualization. This leads to anxiety over the future and depression about the past which keep us stuck on familiar neurological tracks that keep us booting and tooting around this upside down triangle on the victim train (of thought).

The empowered flipside of this triangle (in gold) sees the rescuer become a coach, the punisher become a challenger, and the victim become a creator  who has flipped to the top of the pyramid because we’ve learned to use our story to support the reclamation of our power. Instead of feeding stories that undermine us, we start to employ our creative resources to create instead of react which is precisely how we intentionally direct the E of energy in CREATIVITY (create) versus REACTIVITY (react).

This is the TED Talk we would all benefit from giving as The Empowered Dynamic moves our energy into the sacred and creative sides of the archetypal patterns we are constantly playing out.

I believe we need to apply this concept to the issues that have arose due to the psychological experiment we have all been subjected to over the last few years, regardless of what choices we have made as a result of the Belief Systems (BS) we have subscribed to and plugged our energy into.

In a Universe that doesn’t differentiate negatives, only focusing on the focus of the sentence or intention we have to see how our creativity has been stifled by our tendency to focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do.

This is connected to our tendency to move away from pain instead of moving toward pleasure and societal systems have been preying on this fact.

For example, weight is a shared factor for us all; some people want to lose weight, others want to gain it, and others just want to maintain it. But the paradox within these desires is that when we focus on losing weight our focus is still on the weight so we often struggle with gaining more of what we’re so focused on wanting to lose. And when someone wants to gain weight, their focus is usually on the ‘not enoughness’ of their current situation so they often struggle to get what they want because their focus (and energetic circuits) are plugged into what they don’t have, which results in more of the same. Make sense?

Now let’s relate this to the biological experiment that we’ve all been coerced to play along in, whether as a patient in the experiment or as part of the control group who abstained from getting shot but who are living in the petri dish of the collective consciousness just the same.

So many people are experiencing varying forms and degrees of health issues as a result of this experiment that it seems to have further polarized people into camps of “wish I hadn’t”, “too bad you didn’t listen to the warnings I tried to give you when you shut me out” to the still fully convicted ‘the government has our best interest in mind’ to defend their choice to continue following the publicly elected leaders. No disrespect intended for any who’ve wound up in any of these camps or to other ones that have formed over this insanity.

It’s been heart-breaking to witness and experience firsthand as we have all lost friends, family, colleagues and communities due to the (psychological) war that’s been waging under the cover of COVID-19 and I believe, in my heart of hearts, that it only stops when we call for the day of reckoning now as men and women.

I shared this in a heated conversation that had all parties feeling on the defensive over the weekend because it led to me challenging the God concept of two devote Christian women by sharing my belief that if ‘God’ is ‘all’ then what does all not include? And also sharing my view that worshipping ‘him’ was an intentional spelling mis-take to ensure we miss the connection to the power of hymn within this Uni-verse. Yet the result was familiar and unhelpful in the scheme of things because we weren’t connecting on a heart level. So I was reminded that my delivery requires REAL improvement, that being an acronym we’ll dig into soon. I made another ‘Naked Truth Time’ video about it afterward you can see here.

For today I want to round this message out by encouraging you to check into your own emotional system to see how triggered you got by the examples referenced, what emotions arose for you to look at/feel through, and where in your body you felt them show up.

Energy in motion (E-motion) needs to move or it will create dis-ease, unrest and mental tracks that lack substance but weigh us down until we feel like the victim of our circumstances, who starts Ducking, Avoiding and Evading the one/thing we feel victimized by like the DAE job we don’t get paid a wage for investing our energy into. But breaking those chains (and the neuro-pathways that lead us to disempowered states) requires coaching to learn and stay true to more positive ways of being in this world.

I haven’t been offering my coaching services publicly for quite some time as a re-solved many of my own scarcity issues which I’ll share soon for how that indirectly connects to this message today!

This is why June 25th’s workshop in Blackstock is going to be super powerful for those who dare to get themselves in the room! Details here.

We’ll be digging deeper into the content in this message in that workshop so if you wish to shift from the blue to gold triangle referenced above, RSVP for this Making Friends with your Emotions: Breaking Up With The Bullies Within workshop before it’s too late!

Leave a comment below to let me know what this message means to and for you and share it to your social media page using the links below so more people can see how we’re all being played and need not be any further than our emotional immaturity permits us to be.

With love and respect,

Laura jeH – Namaste

PS. A recent conversation gave me insights into the ‘frequency nets’ I’ve been asking about in my Telegram group that relate to today’s message well and will be the focus of the next blog I post so stay tuned and be blessed!!!

PPS. If you haven’t watched Academy of Ideas’ film linked above it’s highly insightful to the situation we find our cells in AND today’s topic! Check it out by using this link here.

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