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Maniacs, Lunatics and Witches: Bad Wraps On Crazy Facts (JOIN LIVE @6:30PM!!!)

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I wrote a blog called “Proud to be a Maniac: There Is No Box Built Big Enough For Me” and I thought you’d like to gain access to it so you can share it with a few of your favourite weirdo friends.

Maniacs, Lunatics and Witches have got a bad wrap over time and it has created a lot of unnecessary fear that I would like to help settle fears around by demystifying what the different stories mean in a way that I haven’t heard anyone else share the way I do yet. That isn’t to say there aren’t others who know the story better than what I’ve pieced it together but it is to say that I haven’t met them yet and I believe they haven’t found my work either or they’d be reaching out to me.
I believe that what I’m sharing has the capacity to revolutionize our sense of identity in a way that helps us become creators of our reality again instead of reactors (consumers) and what I want to do is to help modernize what being real means in a community sense so we get back to what value really is.
Crazy is another label that holds a lot of power over a lot of people who have come to see it as a descriptor of them that becomes part of their self-image or the identity they have of themselves.
What I know from my experience of going through the loss of my identity, territory or place of belonging in the tribe, and also my path was course corrected in a drastic way, just in time to go through it before the world followed suit with the Certificate Of VEX Identity Death AI that COVID-19 has been the entire time.
We have forgot the magic element of spell casting because we lost touch with the words we’re communicating with. And now it is time for us to shift that.
We can’t afford for our youth to grow up believing lies that were never meant to become part of our cultural identity, yet it happened and now we’ve got to course correct; it’s very parallel to the story of the Emperor with No Clothes which has a bigger part to play in this story than I can share here.
For that reason I’m going to get back to editing the script I’ve been writing about the Justinian ConneXion to see if I can get it ready for tonight’s call at 6:30pm while also recruiting a few friends to help me promote it.
This is where we’ll start to see why the Mental Health Act has become the modern day witch hunts, legalized and normalized, and why we can no longer allow this to be true for it is a very poor choice for our health to let others decide on a treatment for us if we’re the ones who pay for its consequences.
Let’s see what I can do this afternoon as it’s 1:42pm when I write this and we’re going live at 6:30pm so my window is narrowing but it’s still there!
I hope to see you and your whole dang fam-damily for growing together is how we go in a similar direction and to not have drama as our core connecting bond matters!
If you’re subscribed to emails from me (use the sign up box on this page) you’ll receive the zoom link in the email that says all this and a little more, personalized to those who have been willing to share their email with me in exchange for access to the goods.
There’s a lot to unpack so I ask you to share this message with friends who might appreciate it, subscribe to emails so you get mailed direct when the next instalment of our daily self-image series goes live, and comment below what you’re most curious about or questioning along your path. I may or may not have some insights or access to a friend who might. So let me know in the comments and share this message as far as you can!
Thank you, be blessed, with love and respect,
Laura JeH – Namaste

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