Day 2: Even Fit In An Ice Cream With Papa *Join Us @ 5:55pm EST!!!*

It’s the second day of the month and of this series too.

“What’s In It For Me” is what you may be wondering if you’re still dialled into the culturally encouraged station WIIFM and there is no shame in that if we are also acting from a .

But it is time for things to change and instead of doing what we’ve always done it is time for us to try something new.

If you missed yesterday’s SPECIAL Yoga Class with Estie Spivakov for PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United  then please enjoy that complimentary gift to kick start this month of transforming our self-image so we can become the one we’ve been waiting for.

Today at 5:55pm EST I’ll be co-hosting a call with Chuck Black with Freedom Forum News about Notices & Liabilities so we can talk about what that actually means as to how it relates to the public versus the private sphere debate or ‘mixed war’ we’re presently in.

It is time for us to take our power back en masse by declining to participate in corrupted orders because we now understand that supporting treason is treasonous because one you are aware something is corrupted and you choose to stay, then that’s on you. Which is why so many now have an opportunity to lawfully reserve our God-given right to choose how we will allow ourselves to be played in this chess game.

I know that interferes with all the MK Ultra mind control programming sold through the tell-lie-vision and main stream media which is akin to the analogy of a poisoned river that is continually poured into further by innocent souls accruing negative karma for acting against our Divine nature for the sake of following rules that a corporation (corrupted nation) laid out.

This week I’ve had a mindblowing realization about the hierarchy of creation that I’m going to share on tonight’s call with other informed individuals who have valuable and empowering information about claiming our rights to contribute too for that is what it is now a matter of. Putting all of our swords and arms and on the table to see how to use the sacred word to reunite us!

Over the next week I expect that I will meet many others who understand the value of not only knowing and claiming our rights but of exercising our ability to demand personal responsibility and liability of private individuals acting in public positions.

None of us are above the law when it is upheld with honour and I believe it is our responsibility to demand that of ourselves by claiming the right to say I will not consent to upholding a bylaw that I believe has been fraudulently issued and furthermore I hereby demand this crime be investigated by any honest man or woman competent to administer justice fairly with consideration for the longevity of our species and this planet.

This really is a war where the territory being fought for is our hearts, minds, souls and energy so we really need to dare to try doing something brave and countercultural. O how I didn’t realize I’d be part of a countercultural movement when I was taking a course on the subject at McMaster University en route to an English degree.

And while I haven’t finished writing the first book yet, by the end of this month I’ll have 33 chapter worthy emails to combine and turn into the book that rewrote me before the version of me that could write that emerged for the world to see.

Rebirthing ourselves is rarely a comfortable or pleasurable experience because changing the way we look at things is not always familiar and as creatures of comfort we like our creature comforts. But now it is time to see the need for short term strain for the sake of long term gain, or we risk losing it all for those who are not yet born.

“Life is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present” is a proverb my Mom had on the fridge while growing up that I appreciate now more than ever!

I hope you will choose to join us at 5:55pm for that Notices & Liability call or our 8pm call reading Chapters 3&4 of Saint Germain on Alchemy.

Thursdays are a big day for me so with needing to cut grass, fit in an oil change and shower before those meetings, I’m saying what the play I performed in a different English class at McMaster was called which is “enough is as good as a feast!”

Have a great day,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I had to adjust that last line because before I’d had a chance to finalize this email Papa popped his head out the door to say he was going to Sam’s Farmer’s Market to get two muskmelons so I went along with him and we got some ice cream cones too. It was precious. Now he’s on me about getting to my oil change so for that I am extremely grateful! I do love my Papa Bob!!! 

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