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Day 28: The Nuclear War Is Not What We Thought It Would Be…

I’m sat at my Mom and her husband’s island (in the kitchen) writing now.

Without the brackets that would sound fantastical and rich and like what you might expect of a celebrity or someone who had ‘made it’, but not necessarily what you’d expect of a multi-generation farmer’s daughter who works as a cashier and puts out inspiring content online without charging because people need it, like me.

But you’d only know my history if you read it and believed it which brings me to the moral of today’s message.

Last night we went out for supper at Bentley’s in Stratford, where we all went for their post-wedding meal last March and where we often choose when going out for a meal and visit. It’s a great place and always booming when I’ve come to town, but last night was different.

We walked in together as I’d managed to grab a parking space pretty much right outside the restaurant doors and Mom was texting me as they walked past so it was ‘perfect timing’.

Mom and Steve wore a mask inside and I didn’t, like I never do.

We sat and caught up after months of me not seeing Steve and a few weeks since I saw Mom. The fact this information, given the times, could be offensive to some and get me locked up once martial law is enforced (if we don’t stop it by stepping up) is cause for the message I shared at our table.

I’ve tried sharing some of the big picture I’ve become aware of with my Mom but it’s too much for her, like so many others. She openly admits to being the “Queen of DENIAL” and has for years. Quilting makes her happy and so she has built a life around that and has created an amazing legacy because of it, in both the beauty she has made and in the lives those masterpieces have touched.

Steve on the other hand is an accomplished farmer with a curious mind and rebellious spirit who loves the kind spirit I was raised by for how safe her loyalty feels. I grew up with it even though we often disagreed due to my warrior nature and her need to follow the rules.

He has greater capacity to take in the ‘out-there’ facts that I have discovered and am doing my best to bring people’s attention to without keeping it there, for that is the problem with all of the ‘conspiracy theories’ that are polarizing our people so much.

We have been duped by black magicians and shadow governments that give people fame and fortune at the cost of their soul, for every time we act against our nature we lose a part of our Soul. And fragmented people are the easiest to control because in our desire for safety and comfort, especially during uncertain times, we often turn to the very one who shot us up in the first place.

Not long after I’d graduated from University (2009) I got a contract with St. Leonard’s Community Services teaching problem solving and decision making skills to youth involved with the law. My dual contract had me teaching leadership programs to students in schools teaching young leaders to mediate conflict on the playground with the ‘Peacemakers Program’ which is a story for another time, but in the office I was the ‘Time To Think’ facilitator so got to cater the program to the participants I had.

I remember showing a video about gangs and how they target damaged individuals who are operating at lower levels in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory and are therefore often prepared to trade (self)respect and self-actualization for belonging, safety and survival.

When I got locked up for 2.5 weeks under the Mental Health Act last year, when I stepped forward to be a self-proclaimed Peacemaker for HuEmanity despite the lack of position to do so, I went through several evaluations and one of their keys areas of focus is tribal belonging for that reason.

Outside of family, I’ve never stuck with one particular group for too long because I often say what I feel and believe without realizing how many people are looking to be offended and take observations personally. I’m not into nor looking for drama, conflict and chaos for the sake of it so usually I just ducked out of the group and stayed in touch with the individuals I resonated with from it.

It’s when we start to sacrifice things that are important to us for the sake of belonging that things really veer off course.

Many leaders and free thinkers are lone wolf types like that too but now we are being called to move together by standing up for the rights being eliminated by a corrupt parental body called the govern-mental party.

Last night I shared a pretty insane story about what’s currently going on and what could be coming, and in the end only my ‘fearfully faith-full’ mother walked out still masked. I love her for it because her desire to do the right thing shaped me into who I am today and I love it.

Conforming to treasonous orders aligned to the Sustainability Act (Agenda 2030) and the Rockefeller Foundation from which the 2010 Rockefeller Report I often recommend people read for how well it outlines what’s happening now is not ok, even if they are the authority figures we’ve been trained to give our power to.

I dream of the day where energy veils of E-vil are exposed so the light can shine where shadows previously sat and what I know for sure is that we can only lift those veils together.

It won’t be everyone that needs to do the heavy lifting and many already are. I’m doing my best to help people consider alternative possibilities and I hope you are too.

I’m not a MESSIAH but I have learned a lot from the Mess-I-am refinement process that turns the ‘m’ into an ‘h’ (higher self connection) and so have you!

Please, let’s start asking questions and having conversations about what’s happening with ones who are supposed to be in the know. Because if they’re in the dark despite their elevated position they are complicit in treasonous activity and must be held to account once informed of their personal liability in this Plandemic.

Join me in exercising Article 61 of the Magna Carta which is our right as barons of our own lands (our-cell-ves) to resist the unlawful measures currently being imposed on innocent children, of which we all are at varying stages of development.

The realization that dawned on me en route to Mitchell was a deeper realization about the Nuclear war we have been warned about for decades which is not just the microwave radiation we’re being bombarded by as I realized earlier in the year, it’s also the nuclear family model of child-rearing that we’ve been culturized by which I realized when working my way out of the Mental Health system and got to see many patterns for what they are.

I was making a singing video on my drive over when that reminder came to me yesterday and am uploading it right now over on YouTube so check it out if you want to hear yesterday’s tune of the day. It’s called “The Devil Inside & Why We’re Called” so you can easily find it when it’s ready 😉

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. What does this mean to and for you? Seriously, I’m curious! I’d love to know where you’re at and what you believe is happening so we can get onto a stable and secure foundation together. Comment below or send me a message to let me know at

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