Day 35: What I Really Think…

I was supposed to connect with someone today but they messaged to say they were sniffling and not feeling well so were going to get tested first thing to make sure they were COVID Clear!

This was my unedited (but now spaced out) reply:

“Energetic upgrades come with ascension symptoms too. Just like with 5G but that’s another topic for another day.

Consider it like a rocket ? launching to a higher level – there’s a worse before better experience for a bit and I often say it’s why we get sick.

The tests are testing for biological matter we all have. It is not specifically for a virus that has not even been fully captured yet except in the Rockefeller Report 2010 where all that’s happening right now is laid out.

The inventor of that test was speaking out that it was not fit for purpose and he died suddenly.. curious ??

Testing professionals and students gets them used to it, like the educational model was created for in the first place. Raise your hand to ask a question about tending to a biological matter. Ask permission to get approval. Be nice and play along to get acceptance. Learn to conform and fit in.

Notice how the younger generation seem ‘dumbed down’ despite all the information they have access to? They’ve been trained to ask permission, largely from their peers, about how to act and right now fear is the biggest thing being sold. It is the virus in fact and control is the destination if we don’t step up.

I think we all have to seriously ask ourselves at what point we will stop walking ourselves into the concentration camps this social experiment of the Plandemic has been leading us toward.

Give them your DNA and be prepared for the day Gates’ vaccine alters your RNA to switch off chromosome 8 which is our empathy gene. The tests feed into their narrative because you’ve already showed you believe in their story and are submitting to it. I understand you have to in your job but I hope you and your colleagues understand that what is happening right now is stress testing and boundary testing and compliance shows you are on board with their Certificate Of Vaccination ID AI (A=1, B=2, I=9) Program. And that you’re willing to indoctrinate the leaders of tomorrow according to their agenda.

The plan is really sick, connected to the depopulation agenda described in the Georgian Guidestones, Agenda 2030 (The Sustainability Act- of resources for the rich at the expense of the poor) and Agenda 21. Black magic only works if they tell us what they’re doing and we think they’re joking so we laugh but they say we deserved everything we got.

This whole thing is not about a virus the way they’ve sold it my friend, just like the nuclear war we grew up fearing was here the whole time and is now being amplified with the 5G and Nuclear family model with dysfunctional leaders at the helm. I’ve done a lot of research about the non-mainstream narrative, commonly referred to as Conspiracy Theories, but did you know even that term was coined by the CIA after JFK’s assassination to ensure no one questioned it without being discredited, as a way to tone down the fiery spirits of one who sees we have an abusive parental figure at the helm of our CULTure and its time to do some house cleaning?

I’m pretty passionate about this because I don’t have children of my own but I see a lot of adults still suffering from their childhood that I can help and that’s what the Summits I host are about. Life is more about unlearning than about learning anything new, in the end.

I do hope you feel better soon but I assure you that even if you test positive, you’ll be ok. It’s a nasty strain of the flu. But the backup one they list in the 2010 report sounds nasty, being a quad-brid strain containing HIV so I might not stay on the frontlines if that starts to go viral. But I read an article a couple weeks ago about the vaccine making you more susceptible to contracting HIV so makes me think the vaccine may actually be the backup virus they conjured up as part of this sick plotted Plandemic.

So yes, I’m alternative and don’t subscribe to the mainstream narrative at all. And I’ve done my homework which I’ve shared references to if you’re open to or interested in looking them up. You’ve got kids so I’d encourage you to because it’s not just about them and their freedom/happiness, it’s about the battle for souls and if we don’t know who and whose we are, it’s far easier to lead those ones astray which is how gangs recruit their members. Or in this case, how the govern-mental body turns the whole world into a science experiment with masks instead of coloured handkerchiefs.

My blog for the day lol. Thanks for the inspiration and hope you’re open to doing some deep diving into what’s really going on here with this evil propaganda campaign!”

That all being said, once we know better we can do better and I propose that with this information we band together and take a stand against this treasonous government! We have rights if we know about them but if we don’t know our rights we don’t have any.

Take a stand for what you believe in, even if that is contrary to this. I just implore you to take a stand for something you are willing to fight for. It is time to awaken our inner warrior spirit!


Laura JeH – Namaste

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