Day 39: Summit & Spiritual Tools To Support Your Transformation!

The Second PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit was yesterday with Richard E Gordon and I at the helm of a great meeting! It can be accessed by clicking here now.

It’s an hour and forty minutes so if the length intimidates you I’d recommend using some movie medicine to choose the part in the video you feel called to and just listen to that part for as long as you feel like it. Remove any sense of obligation to commit yourself to something you may come to resent by giving yourself permission to go as far as you can push yourself to go with it and let that be enough.

It’s the practice I’ve unintentionally been training in over the past many years as a messenger of God, even though I am only now coming into a more full understanding of what that even means.

Our perspective of Jesus Christ and other ascended Masters like the Buddha and Krishna who were human beings just like you and I who committed to and scaled the path of self-mastery, fulfilling their life’s purpose of enlightenment. They became so infused with light that the corona of the Christos Consciousness came down unto them so that they became unbound by the 3D reality we have come to believe in and they were liberated to a plane where time and space do not work the same way they do here on Earth. And we have a chance to do the same too!

Michael Seegers and I did an interview on this topic following the Summit so you can hear his explanation of God and Christ Consciousness, but I have to say by the time that interview was happening I was feeling pretty drained. That can also happen when we are absorbing a lot of new and powerful information, it’s as if our subconscious is so focused our conscious mind can’t focus. But  such is the nature of teaming up with someone as well versed on the teachings of the Ascended Masters as what Michael is and learning to manage ourselves in the process of our own transformation.

I work diligently to get these messages out to people daily to remind us all, myself included, that together we are stronger. And to become enlightened we must shine light on the shadows to cast out the darkness that previously hid in unsuspecting places.

Let me be one of your guides through the journey of transformation we are going through as a collective who are learning secrets that disgust, horrify and repulse us to the point where change becomes necessary. Also being mindfull that the cognitive dissonance will be so great to some that they may contemplate ending it and what I learned from the last video Michael and I recorded is that when the suicide entity overtakes us we do not get to wait to recycle into the reincarnation stream and sometimes it’s nice to take a breather without a body to integrate the lessons our last lifetime taught us. But that would require you believe in reincarnation and the ‘good book’ says this is the only lifetime we get so we’ve got to do our best while we’re here to unlearn some of the B.S. we’ve given our power to previously and to propagate our seeds of truth-based teachings that will ensure our own legacy.

The manipulation of knowledge around this one concept has severely limited our capacity for expansion and understanding of who we really are, and it is time for the truth to be brought to the light. We will do it by offering tools to support your soulfull journey home to your heart center and the “I am that I am Presence” within us all.

Michael goes into greater detail in the video I’ll upload over the weekend, but if you want to hear any of the other interviews we’ve done together check out one of these:

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And progressively we will continue adding to this list.

And as we do we would love for you to get more involved as a PEACEFULL INNER Warrior in training too and to do so I’d love to know what burning questions you have about God that some of my friends or I may have insights to offer.

The next INNER Child PEACE Summit is taking place on Tuesday December 1 from 7-9pm EST to kick start the final month of a crazy year and we will be bringing in sacred elements to a deep and meaningful conversation about spiritual matters.

I’ll send the Zoom link to those subscribed on Monday so don’t worry about anything, just come ready to listen, think, contribute and participate in an opportunity designed to help us come together and unite in the name of what is right.

Wishing everyone holiday hang-overs from good food and great people during the American Thanksgiving yesterday and appreciate my friends from all over the world on this day too! Because why not?

Let’s make gratitude part of our lifestyle instead of a holiday celebrated once or twice a year!

Blessings wished your way,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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