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Day 46/47: Elephants Are Eaten One Bite At A Time

What a day Thursday was!?!

I finished reviewing the PEACEFULL INNER Child Summit #3 that Tim Wheatley and I cohosted on Tuesday, plus booked two significant interviews, so I’m hustling to keep up but I can do it. I’ve been preparing for this for years and so have you!

That being said, this blog didn’t make it up despite being mostly written yesterday simply because I ran out of time before work and afterwards didn’t make getting it posted my priority as I was really feeling the need to just keep my energy close last night. So today I say this is a two in one message because now I can include the Summit link PLUS an important message I recorded to announce what follows.

On Sunday December 6 I will be joining with Michael Seegers for Episode 5 of The Michael and Laura Show where we will explore “The Science of the Spoken Word” and also talk about how the body temple and spoken word impact our self-image. That will be at 1pm EST so prepare for a Live Stream of that interview to Facebook!

The other super exciting interview I scheduled is for the next PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Podcast  which will be hosted Tuesday December 8 starting at 3pm with Jacquie Phoenix. We will also stream this interview live to Facebook and post it to YouTube after editing.

The plan is to host a follow-on “Lawfully Organized Summit” after this interview, where Jacquie can answer questions about the actions we must take in order to advocate for our rights as the people who gave our power to an abusive governmental system or corporate body.

She shared what is happening in South Africa right now – land owners are being executed when not surrendering their land just as will come to pass in other countries like Canada too, as just one example of the tyrannical regime we must take a stand against. She mentioned South Africa is deemed a red zone (extermination zone) in Agenda 21, and guess what guys? Canada is a red zone too!?!

What I learned last year going through the mental health system is that if we don’t know our rights we don’t have any. And if we know people who have done the work to learn the tedious lawful process we are all called to undergo, then we can advance faster than we could if we tried to move alone. Please also note that legal and lawful are different and Jacquie will speak into that too.

If you have any questions you would like included in that interview please submit them so I can keep them in my awareness as we go!

We truly can do this brothers and sistars of the light! It’s just time to organize and realize that everything we’ve devoted ourselves to will pay off if we are willing to contribute our wisdom to the collective consciousness so we can all get smarter and stronger together. That’s what Jacquie is doing and I am truly grateful to be able to share her wisdom and insights with you!

Instead of feeling like we need to tackle the corruption of this world alone, we must realize that we can only do so if we deal with the corruption within our own internal system and where we are living out of harmony with our divine and natural state of being. We must also demonstrate our sovereignty by proclaiming it to the ones who we previously gave our power to before we discovered their actions suggest they don’t deserve it.

By the Highrise of Emotional Awareness’ definition, those higher level states of being begin at the level of contentment and move into hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation/belief, enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness, passion & love/peace/joy/freedom/empowerment.

These are the emotions described as the upward spiral of emotion in Esther Hicks’ Emotional Guidance System/Scale which inspired the Highrise of Emotional Awareness theory. I have yet to figure out just how readily and easily David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness will fit into it but what I’m learning is that truth aligns with itself so will share when that piece of the puzzle once it gets situated in my mind.

Wishing for you to enjoy the replay of the Summit and/or yesterday’s announcement video that truly reflects where I’m at as candidly as I can share. I do so as much for me as I do for you because after years of asking for permission to be myself, what I discovered and you may have too is that forgiveness is easier to get than permission when the thing you’d be getting permission for would change things for the one you wish to grant you that which you seek. Dare to be yourself without their permission and understand how that level of faith transforms your whole experience of life!

Much love and blessings sent your way for the weekend!

Laura JeH – Namaste

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