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Egoic Resistance and Self-Sabotage:BE-WARE

Rainbows In Cloudy Skies

Ever notice that as soon as you start making positive changes for a little while you suddenly lose heart, get overwhelmed and fall into old patterns that unravel your progress?

With it being nearly to the break down point in most people’s New Year’s Resolutions I wanted to offer you some additional support to help you push through the breaking point in your change process by reminding you of three important things:

  1. You set the goal you set for a reason – what was the goal you set and why?
  2. Your ego is invested in holding onto your former self-image and while it’s feeling suffocated right now, it will do whatever it can to convince you that what you’re trying to do isn’t working – remember your why and keep going!
  3. Emotional Resiliency is a game changer in the change process!

Remembering why we set about making these changes in the first place becomes like a compass through the discomfort of changing our self-image to become the person living the life we desire.

As visual creatures we often tend to wait until we’ve achieved a desired result before we believe that it can be ours but we must remember that we would not have the desire in us if we didn’t also have the ability to realize it. The Universe is not run by a mean ruler who would put a desire in us that was completely out of the realm of possibility. If we can dream it and come to believe it, we can achieve it so long as we stay committed to taking the action required to get it.

Hold strong, you are making progress even if it doesn’t feel like it!

We really can achieve anything we set our mind to, so long as our heart is on board and we’re willing to take the action steps required to bring it about. Hustle is required, especially in the first 66 days of cementing this new change into our habits.

We can’t be-ware until we’re a-ware and egoic sabotage will show up right before you start getting comfortable with this new behaviour pattern.

Safeguard yourself against this egoic sabotage by realizing the ego will pull out its most manipulative tactics right when change is starting to take hold because it knows a part of it will receive less energy once this change becomes permanent and it doesn’t want to deal with it. To it, change means death and it will fight tooth and nail to keep its current habits alive.

Understanding your emotions will help you become more resilient during this chaotic time within your inner realm and is the focus of a workshop I’ll be cofacilitating on Saturday January 12 in London from 1-4pm, just in time for this notorious ‘quitting time’ which is generally around the second Friday of the new year.

I’ll be guiding participants through the high rise of emotional awareness that the ego is most comfortable living in the lower floors of. The problem is your goal is to reach higher and live in the realm of greater possibility, and it doesn’t want to get off the elevator.

Whether you can come out Saturday or not, realize that the harder it is for you to take the next step, the more vital that next step is for becoming the person who has the life you will most enjoy living.

Push through the resistance this week and know that in a couple months you will look back from a higher vantage point, seeing life from an entirely different perspective having learned from it all!

Life is about the journey, not the destination, but reaching higher vantage points is the name of the game! Becoming more emotionally resilient will massively help and while your ego will kick and scream your life will be all the better for your commitment to break through instead of breaking down! Stick with it because the rainbow is already there for you!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I recorded a video on that topic when I was going through a breakthrough or breakdown point in my own life and I’d love for you to check it out here and comment what it means to and for you! It MASSIVELY helped me during that time and I hope it will do the same for you! 


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