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Goodbye To Another Decade… Endings Come With New Beginnings


And just like that another decade fast approaches as the one we’re in comes to an abrupt halt.

Some might be disappointed to see a decade of deep diving and striving and growth come to an end but others, like me, will be grateful to see it gone and a new one begin. This one has just been incredibly heavy and humbling for which I am also grateful, but happy to see go bye-bye.

This last year has truly been the most expansive and downright confusing years of my life but through it all I feel like I have gained experiences and perspectives that were required for me to do what I feel I’m here for. That being, in part, to remind others of their Soul’s unique essence and how to bring more of what excites and delights into their everyday life by living that way myself.

This year really took off all the masks I may have previously used to hide my own incongruencies from myself, and the world, and showed myself to myself, or at least that’s what I thought I was seeing.

I thought all my big ideas, theologies, techniques and therapeutic tools were a reflection of who I had become, and they were and could still are part of my spiritual toolbox, but what also became clear to me was that I had put too much weight on them when they really weren’t designed to support me the way I’d begun to think.

I thought they were but it didn’t take long to discover that the truth is a plumber is not a plumber because they have tools, including the skill set; a plumber is a plumber because they choose to use their tools to fix plumbing problems. A doctor is a doctor because they use their tools to help people recover from illness or sometimes even prevent illness and dis-ease all together. But even they are not their tools.

For a long time I vested a lot of energy into my identity as an empowerment coach with an alternative approach, writing a book about the transformation of self-image through the hero’s journey from a Soulfull perspective. I wrote constantly without sharing much of it because of my own limiting belief about the quality of work I was putting out and how it would hold up over time, given an author’s work becomes part of our legacy, but in the end my own stories beat me to the ground and then didn’t stomp trampling.

Like a fine wine, my ego got crushed like the grapes that make it great and while I still have more crushing to endure I’m grateful when the Cosmic task-master decides to let up the smashing and squishing for a bit.

Many of us have been on that journey this past year especially as the energies of completions and endings loom in the very name of the year we will soon leave behind. Never to be repeated or returned to us, only to be savoured for the lessons it brought us.

It is with that understanding I encourage you to use the final hours of this year to contemplate all the things you have laid to rest and overcome this year, which may I remind you have been 100% of your most challenging experiences?! Then consider how letting that thing or person go, made room for someone or something new to come into your life and work magick your former self-image couldn’t have even imagined.

Everything is here to help our souls grow and evolve into ever higher states of awareness and perspective. Having gratitude for the experience while we’re in it can be rough. Using this symbolically significant time of year to reflect and restore our faith in the process can be the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

I hope you will make the time and while you’re at it start setting some intentions for the coming year so that you can repeat this exercise next year at this time and see a marked difference between where you are now and where you will be then.

It will be here before we know it so I hope you will make the most of it!

Much love,

Laura JeH- Namaste

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