Happy Weak End & An Interview For You With A Fellow Warrior On The Field

It’s the weak-end and thus time for us to courageously effort to be who we came here to be, while also trying to relax and decompress from the work week, fit in friends and family we’re still talking to despite the polarized world we’ve co-created and regular household tasks still need to be completed before we prepare to do it all over again with some variation next week.
I uploaded an interview I did with KellyAnne Wolfe yesterday about what’s currently happening and many more rabbit holes of good convo so I hope you’ll check that out and leave a comment when you do.
It helps me understand where you’re at with the state of things and how I can be of greatest assistance in speaking into what you’re uncertain about or struggling with.
I may not have the answer but I may know someone who does so please do reach out with feedback I can use to expand and improve in my role as a group facilitator while helping others grow and refine themselves too.
That’s largely what I’m about. Opening honest conversation about what’s really going on and how we can all reach our next level of awareness within the spiral staircase.
I am doing my best to ensure that lighthouses have a support system for when things on the outside change more drastically and we’re all left holding the Belief Systems that have created our Realistic Evidence Appearing Legit In Tomorrow’s Yesterday (REALITY).
Wow, that’s the first time I’ve shared that like that and it ties in to the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul’s “Dark Knight of the Ego” phase that I’ll go into greater detail about another time. For now just ponder what comes up for you while listening to our interview and leave a comment on the video, or send me a reply so I know where you’re at (and from!) and how I could be of the greatest possible service to you.
Looking forward to coming to you again soon with more exciting news!! Details coming soon!
Enjoy your weekend and let us end being weak as a people generally even if it is in-built into our cultural vernacular!
Stand Up, Stand Free, Freedom Rising!!!
With love,
Laura JeH – Namaste
PS. Thursday is a big evening if you’re available to attend either the Empowering Leaders-of-Self Mastermind group @ 5:55pm or the book study I’m leading @ 8pm on The Human Aura by Kuthumi.


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