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Honour Your Spirit & Accept The Consequences…. DAY TWENTY SIX of 66


    Ever go through the motions just because you said you would?

     The posts I was making daily (until last week) as part of this series were a bit like that for me, and worse yet, the intention for them lacked strategy because I planned to come up with that as I went.

    Fail to plan, plan to fail.

    Papa wound up in the hospital for more than a month just a few days before this series began and seeing someone I love that much in such a physically challenged state for so long stabbed my creativity in the guts alongside him. I went to visit him daily, barring a few days when other family were able to go and I knew he’d get the reminders of his importance from them.

    I stopped writing because I started going through another layer of transformation of my own self-image and once I’d missed the first day, the subsequent ones seemed to matter less. Each day I thought of sending something but decided it made more sense to return with a strategy to support myself through the process of completing the transformation of self-image I promised with this series. 

    I was also working on the lesson I’ll be teaching at a workshop for women I’m cohosting in London (Ontario) this coming Saturday November 24 – I’m walking the ladies who get themselves in the room through the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice outline I’ve been designing for the book I am back to adding to (for a final time!). For more details on this workshop, please go here!

     Strategy is one of the most important elements we have to work with in business and without it, we can wind up just making a lot of noise. Often to the wrong people to boot.

     Especially when we’re going against our own Divine nature as I feared doing by making noise about something I didn’t really want. 2018 has been a year of periodic noise followed by silence, emotional highs and lows that wiped me out and forced me to own the fearful part of me that was keeping me in the shadows, and everything in between, but what remained consistently true was my tendency to not make an offer for reasons I’ll share another time.

     After I missed the first message in a row, I decided to ask myself WTF the intention of all the noise I make is and why I kept resisting adding an offer into my messages. The answer took me time to figure out how to convey it to you without throwing others under the bus and merits an email of its own, but what I know for sure is that giving myself permission to change my mind in order to serve you better a short time later is a decision I would make again given the opportunity. 

     In Oprah’s “What I Know For Sure” book she says “changing your mind does not mean acting irresponsibly; it’s just the opposite. When you honor what you know your spirit is telling you to do, you are making the most conscientious decision, one for which you are willing to accept all the consequences.”

    I accept that not sending DAY 26 the day after DAY 25 broke the intention I set when I began this series and some will judge me for it. I also know the variability of my decision is more aligned to my Divine Blueprint than pushing through for the sake of being consistent. If you choose to judge me for it I don’t mind because it ultimately says more about the judger than the judgee if the one being judged has had the courage to get back up and step out with more clarity than before the perceived ‘failure’. 

    In the first days after I failed to send this 26th message I made a video about intention and full plates I’d love for you to check out. And as you do, remember that your IN-tention drives your ATTENTION which directs your RETENTION. 

     The more intentional you are about things, the more attention you’re able to give them and the more likely you are to be able to keep that which you intended for.

     There’s a Chinese proverb that says “the best time to plant an Oak tree was 25 years ago, the second best time is now.” 

     Failure is not in the falling down but in staying down when you do, because you will trip and fall at some point. Love yourself enough to get back up and try again, and take time to get clear on what quality of contents you want on the metaphorical plate of your life.

     Much love, 

        Laura Jeh – Namaste

     PS. While this video about intention, 100% and good vs great may not be new to you, the reminder helps and I’m sure you know at least one other person who could use the reminder too. Please share the video with the people who come to mind when you answer “who do you know that would benefit from hearing this message?”


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