LIVED & Learned: Letters To My Younger CELL-F #1. 11/2/22

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It’s November 2, 2022 and I’m sat in the bedroom I grew up playing in and have now lived and worked from for the past five+ years.

I wrote a book while sitting in this spot (and out on the porch office where I set up during warmer months) and now that it’s published it’s time for me to get the word out about the book and opportunities that are spring-boarding off from it too.

Here’s the thing.

Empowerment is not about what I can tell you to make you more than you already are, I’m just showing up in your reality to remind you of what you already know to be true in your heart. And I’m excited to have as many collective opportunities to do so now available as what I do too!

I think it’s important to reflect on where we are in relation to where we’ve been and where we desire to go now that we know more of our options.

Perspective is an important thing and we’re going to use it to our advantage instead of getting played by that which was designed to help us, which seems to be a familiar pattern in this reality yet isn’t that what we’re here?

When I went through my awakening experience in 2019 and called 911 to report the system was corrupt and they were in on it, citing obvious proof, and instead of being taken to their leaders as I’d reasonably (haha) expected I got locked up for 2.5 weeks and learned a tremendous amount through the process about how much intensity most people can handle. And that’s when I came to see the connection between intensity, authenticity, truth and vulnerability and see why so many people are scared of being real nowadays it seems.

I didn’t realize then that I was tuning into the pattern of Omertà and why I felt so torn about doing what I was doing and being so fully committed to it.

I had no idea I was living in a simulation experience similar to the Matrix where all the men and women in the game are being harvested by the machines that care for the physical while the imagination runs wild within the reality known as the ‘Matrix’ but here’s the crazy thing. Once you know how black magic (AKA predictive programming) works then you don’t have anything to FEAR.

But the unveiling process isn’t comfortable, fun nor easy and there’s no sugar coating it.

The reason I want to say this in the first letter of many, to the younger versions of me that got me here as I am which you may resonate with too, is that the rabbit holes run seriously deep. It’s like the video of the guy walking in a muddy field wearing nice clothes complaining about getting them dirty. Upon coming to a washed out spot he takes off his shoes and then takes a giant step into the middle of the puddle only to find it’s so deep it completely consumes him… and what makes it extra funny for those who know is that the caption is “How deep does the rabbit hole go?” LOL

When you see it you’ll laugh, and if you don’t well then you’ll have to tell me what your first response to it is because I can’t imagine doing anything else… looking forward to receiving your messages about that – send me an email at

OK, now back to the punch line connected to the above paragraph with then the moral for the message and a close out for the day.

The punch line is that I’ve been trying to upload a video called “The Certificate of VEX ID-Entity Death AI & The Hare Virus. Part 1” since last night and it’s not working as per usual. When it read 4046 hours as the upload time I got to thinking the algorithm had detected something they didn’t like.

The moral for the message is that on the first day I want to say that things don’t always go the way we’d intended or expected but in the end it goes exactly as it’s meant to, it’s just that our time and the Divine’s timeline for us are not usually set to the same coordinates.

And then for the close out of the day I want to share the AIDA marketing principle of Attention, Interest, Desire and call to Action by putting it into practice by giving you a few different opportunities to support me in the enhanced PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United experience and the community of support it will be for those daring to do the INNER lifting.

If you want a copy of FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW through or .com you can get them directly there, and you even have the option of listening to me read it to you for 7 hours and 4 minutes should you wish to purchase the audioprogram of it so you’ve got options.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the content then you’ll want to factor in the upcoming “Weaving Strong WEBS Within” course – V1

Launching November 27 from 8:30-10pm EST – for 4 weeks at the same time – we will be talking about self-image and where things get uneasy which leads to feelings of dis-ease and in-security. We’re calling it Weaving Strong WEBS Within: Connect on common ground – Weekly Series so please seriously consider committing to yourself to be there live for the discourse and di*k if it’s going to reflect the experience we had on the Reviewing Reviews call on Halloween that I am still needing to edit and repost when I can… we will talk about that experience with those who were there live too!

The foundation of the WEBS is on our sense of self-Worth, Esteem, Belief and Security so we’ll be using my book “FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW” as a diving board from which to jump into transformation together with more certainty about what’s coming as you journey inward.

No one has ever went where you have a chance to go within your own consciousness but only you can direct your attention to be able to do so and that takes a lot of practice.

We will be looking at the leader archetype in its SCARED and SACRED side for how the two show up differently and the results each leave behind.

Bullying, coercion, collusion, BARRATRY and other forms of pirating TEEAM from others within this Matrix seem to be common place now so we’re offering training opportunities to counteract ignorance of this potential threat for those who are unaware to beware.

We’ll be talking about authority, consent, sureties, and jurisdiction as well as the analogy of the boat that I’d like to end today’s message with.

Our self-esteem is like the hull (body) of a boat. We can look great on the shore (surface) but when we’re put into the water then we find ourselves in trouble because all those hidden holes and cracks become life threatening when required to do a job they’re not capable of.

Capacity is everything and when I was still actively involved with the John Maxwell Team (JMT) John wrote a book about capacity that I have yet to read, but at the time he wrote it I had absolutely no idea that capacity was the key to whether we let entities ID us or whether we will stand firm in our faith and call for personal liability, accountability and responsibility of any man or woman who has or is causing us harm, loss or partaking in fraud.

It’s time for us to repair the hull of our body by doing some INNER excavating which Brene Brown calls DIGGING DEEP and created an acronym to go with it: 1. Get Deliberate 2. Get Inspired 3. Get Going

The Universe loves speed so on that note I’m going to fly out of here and say I look forward to picking up where we leave off here in the next letter.

With love and respect,

Laura jeH – Namaste

PS. I am still struggling with that upload all these hours later and think it has to do with the significance of the hare (computer) virus symbolically that I meant in the description for that video.. what do you think? Want to know what I wrote? Email me to let me know –

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