To I.N.N.E.R P.E.A.C.E and New Beginnings!!

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When I moved to England for a relationship with a much older man, I left my entire family and everything I knew behind in order to do it.

The separation was purposeful because I needed to be exposed to other cultural BS (belief systems) to realize all of it are just options I can use to choose what will work best for me, as you can do for yourself. Often when we’re making decisions we don’t factor that in quite as much as we should and our results reflect it.

Sometimes it takes that level of separation for us to go into the depths of our inner kingdom to find the rejected and denied aspects of ourselves which possess the potential to help us soar but which will terrify us too because we’re scared they will let us down.

It’s like the Mother Eagle that gradually makes the nest less comfortable until her babies are forced to either jump or die. She will actually push her babies to the edge of the nest when the time is right and of the ones who go 90% of them survive. But of the ones who resist and stay in the nest despite her nudges out, 100% of them will die because no one can survive on an island without support, and when the source of our nourishment stops coming back we are done for.

If we wait too long and can no longer see those who already left, it becomes even scarier to jump and the likelihood is that we never will.

It is time to become willing to jump and build our wings on the way down together.

I would love for you to join The I.N.N.E.R P.E.A.C.E Movement so we can become more peacefull within ourselves and the world we are creating together. It’s a work in process but with today being¬† “International Day of Peace” there could be no better day to commit to come home to ourselves by retrieving parts that make us feel uncomfortable, while belonging to something that’s bigger than ourselves.

The book I’ve been writing is in the final edits phase – FINALLY!!! – and will serve as a guide to maneuver the Hero’s Journey with greater confidence as we become stronger in our own convictions and find our place in the world in the process.

By now joining The Movement for I.N.N.E.R P.E.A.C.E you won’t have to maneuver this journey on your own anymore. By saying yes now you get to connect yourself to a tribe who will love, accept, and encourage you to be more of who you truly are.

Don’t be like the resistors that die because they didn’t trust themselves enough to make the jump.

Will it be messy, bloody and painful? Maybe.

Likely in fact, but who knows what your journey will be like specifically. The Universe has an interesting sense of humour and your agreement with limiting beliefs will turn you into the butt of the joke every time. Don’t worry about how you’ll do it, just commit to doing it and the momentum will start to build.

Every movement starts with one person saying they want things to change. Well I believe that for other misfits looking to fit in, I have some pretty awesome tools to share so check out the videos I’ve linked to my new website – – and be sure to sign up to receive all the value I look forward to sharing with you soon!

P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.L.Y Yours,

Laura JE Hamilton

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