We Are More Than We’ve Been Told

As I walk past the shack I grew up believing was the three bears’ cabin, I encourage you to realize that not everything being purported as truth by the mainstream media is actually legit.

Just think about it.

In fact, I beg you to starting thinking generally.

Mental activity and thought are not the same and while you who read this may be a critical thinker, many are not and they are the same ones who will want peer reviewed and fact-checked information without asking who is paying the fact checkers and authors, and what was the agenda behind their works in the first place?

I share a lot in this message too so hope you’ll enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share with a friend so we can begin a grassroots movement of peace, love, hope and positivity to remind us that we are the players on the field.

Laura JeH – Namaste – Blessings wished your way!!!

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