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Whatever Day It Is… lots of videos posted to YouTube in past 48hours!!! DAY 27 of 66


I can’t believe how flawlessly things flow when you release the need to know why you’re compelled to do things in a certain unconventional way. 

Sunday afternoon was magical and I recorded a video I posted to my YouTube channel, and also wrote a blog about. You can access both by clicking this link or just starting to read what’s included here so you can decide whether it’s worth the wait of changing pages to read the rest… 

              That’s literally how fast we’ve come to expect our world to move. 

 Any interruptions or periods of silence are seen as voids to be filled with sound instead of space to be filled with intention.  

I did a video along those lines that I shared in another email but who’s to say you’re reading every email? God knows I know you get a lot of emails and may pick and choose which messages you actually open – I do the same thing with other people, even super good ones so I understand… here’s a link to that video direct here.

 I don’t expect you to have time every day to read my messages, but one of those mornings while getting ready for work or on the weekend, or an evening as you clean up after dinner, you can access the smorgousborge (buffet) of inspiration and empowerment I’ve been putting together on my YouTube channel to encourage you to be intentional about what you are giving your T.E.E.A.M. Players to.

I’ve given a lot of time to the journey I’ve been on in writing my book on the Hero’s Journey and the transformation of self-image that is required in order to finish it. Sometimes it requires days of silence when you keep your energy contained for you and yours while other days you want to email multiple messages all at once. 

In the final weeks with Papa in the hospital – he got home Friday, thanks! – I pulled my energy back to support my Goom and him in their recovery and reconnection with their collective heart phase of healing. I believe that I am living with them now for karmic reasons, on all sides and I am grateful for the ability to fulfill it in this lifetime! 

I love them both dearly and they’ve been such significant role models in my life throughout my 31 years I can’t imagine a better place to be than giving back to them and making life a bit easier for them as they have always done for all of our family ever since I can remember.  

My grandparents have always offered me a safe space to land and place to come home to and I understand that not everyone is blessed with a tribal leadership team that cares about them quite so much as what my Grandparents have their family. 

Befittingly, their tribal homebase became my home during my ‘2017/18 Breakdown Spiritual Awakening’ (to quote Brene Brown’s book The Gifts Of Imperfection) where I went through the labour pains of writing my first book that will have born the new me by the time I’ve finished it (I’ve set a deadline for pre-Christmas 2018). I’ll be an author instead of just a writer, and somehow it’s always been really important to me. 

It’s been my goal, for longer than I can remember, and yet I’ve been INCREDIBLY resistant to writing the final version of this first book for the third time; I finished the first manuscript Sept 11 and realized I had a lot of gaps to fill in. I went back and finished another copy in October and submitted it for review to a retired high school teacher who has graciously agreed to anonymously proofread it me.

He gave me honest feedback about the need to include my own story and for weeks I’ve sat on it, not even printing it off because I felt so resentful “it wasn’t done yet.” 

 I wasn’t fully ready, but now I finally am.  

October hardly feels like just a month before because SO much has changed in me in that short time frame and will continue to as I go through a week that has always held a lot of significance for me for several reasons. 

 I’ll get into it in the weeks to come as you see me launch a movement I’ve been moving with without clarity before now – I’d heard the call I just didn’t know what I was being called to do – now I do 🙂

You can’t be-ware until you’re a-ware there is something to be feared or revered…

Enough for today – check out that message and the others I’ve shared in recent months because things are about to get really exciting!

 Thrilled you’re along for the ride Ljeh!!!

 Much love, 

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I wrote this email Sunday night and then had such a flow state all day yesterday with connecting with people to personally invite them to the movement that I didn’t actually get back to editing it for the final time and scheduling it. Marketing is something I really enjoy and know a lot about so I’m going to create a training lane that I’ve invested thousands to acquire but I want you to know now… I can’t wait – can you!? 

PPS. Today is significant for a threefold reason. That’ll be the point of tomorrow’s message which I’m going to write and schedule tonight after some angry therapy for me and coaching for one of my new clients – I’m finally, officially, back open for business so definitely want to hear from you, I’m just not quite so attached to getting an email out every day at the same time for the series when I don’t even like receiving a daily message from people, even those I respect… I’ll share more soon tho… in the mean time please subscribe to my channel and share this message with ppl you feel would benefit from hearing the kinds of messages I’ve been marinating in – and check out this video I literally JUST posted too! Xxx

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