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Which Side Of Freedom Will You Stand On? LIVE FREE or DIE DUMB – You Choose!!!

Ever have a revelation strike you that seems perfectly obvious now that you’re not oblivious to it?

I’ve had that in the last week as I realized that I value respect more than belonging and will not disrespect myself for the sake of playing a role in someone else’s play that I don’t like the script for.

It’s like when I left Hamilton’s Number One Waterfall (what I referred to St Joseph’s Health Care facility – Waterfall One: Mood Disorders Program) where I was a prisoner under the Mental Health Act for 2.5 weeks in 2019 before I discovered I “was in red on the board” which meant they had no reason to keep me and that meant I could leave which I said I would be doing as soon as possible. I informed them I would not be continuing the medication I had taken to show compliance and help me get out of the vampiric system that I believe the mental health system is and I no longer required their scripts because I wouldn’t be filling them.

They didn’t like that and it was quite disorienting when I was discharged against Doctor’s wishes and thus received no follow up support except a personal guarantee from my psychiatrist that I would fail to self regulate and when I did that I needed to go to the emergency room because too little sleep would make me go manic again and too much sleep would make me depressed. Not bad advice in principle but the personal guarantee was inhumane and disrespectful more than I can stand dwelling on.

The good news is that I’ve had nearly two years to let that experience sink in and I’ve learned a tremendous amount from it including the threat not knowing how to self-advocate poses to each of us which is why I believe it is time for us all to learn how to stand in our power as a man or woman of this land.

My point for wanting to share this message with you now is that in less than one hour I’ll be live streaming the second Doctor’s Talks featuring Wayne Peters with Whats Up Canada and Ethics Over FEAR at 9pm EST and you’re invited to join in the live stream to watch it with myself and Chuck Black of Freedom Forum Canada who will be cohosting the room and stream with me. So please join in and remember that we’ve all got a lot going on in life and whether we agree with the way certain doctors practice medicine or not, it is time for us to drop the walls on what we’re willing to talk about and at least dare to have the conversation.

Topic: Ethics Over FEAR’s Doctor Talks with Wayne Peters PART 2 (Hosted by Laura JeH & Chuck Black – LIVESTREAMING Cross-Country to Influencers Near You!

Time: Aug 16, 2021 09:00 PM America/Toronto

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Meeting ID: 936 6032 8865

Passcode: PEACE

It’s an honour to be alive at this time in our story with you!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I recorded a fun song after recording a longer video that I also got posted to my YouTube channel. Check it out here and leave a comment so I know what this song means to and for you!!! 

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