You’re Awesome And You Know It So Clap Your Hands… DAY THIRTEEN OF 66

awesomeness recognized

    It’s Saturday! Somehow it feels lighter on weekends simply because we feel like we can take some of the self-imposed pressure off and relax a little, for at least a couple hours, because our tribe tells us weekends are the two best days to not have to work.

    Funny how tribal conditioning works! 

    In the name of honoring tribal customs I’m keeping it light today by sharing a comment I fully stand behind…

    “Love this video everytime I hear it and have shared it countless times over the last couple years since I first heard it. If you haven’t heard it before it’s simply because we don’t tell each other how awesome we are nearly enough! Enjoy, comment, share and take time to celebrate and connect with the people you love the most! Make sure that you are one of them too because if you don’t fill the well it will eventually run dry unless deposits are made along the way. Take time to invest in friendships like this and remember…”

    This is one of the best ways to make sure you start your weekend off right so share it with someone you love:

    A few weeks ago I felt like the time keeper rabbit running through the halls shouting “it’s time, it’s time” but I didn’t quite know for what. I knew the movement was beckoning but I didn’t know what form it was to take…

    As you’ll see on the video I upload to my own YouTube channel later today, it’s taking on form quite rapidly. 

    Join us on the Facebook group I created too and please invite your friends so we can grow this movement for I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E together. I’ll be sharing a lot more about what I mean by that over the coming days, weeks, months and years to come because there is nothing else I feel called to do more than to sprinkle magic on people’s days by simply letting them know 3 things:

1. You matter

2. I see you

3. You are enough.

    Let’s share a space where blessings, encouragement, inspiration and radical release of the not-now is the shared focus of the group.

    We become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with so let’s uplevel our membership to a community of possibility thinkers committed to consciously creating our lives. 

    I’d love to surpass one million followers who receive value from the exchanges that are shared in this space and it all starts with one. You, right now. 

    Your support and endorsement are appreciated, as is the continued connection, though if you don’t want to transform your self-image and intentionally create a life you love living then I’d suggest you click away now because it’s about to get seriously deep! 

    … like under the surface deep… where it matters. 

    More on that tomorrow. 

    Enjoy your Saturday with those you love the most, even if only for a brief video chat! The couple moments could be enough to kindle the flame or douse the fire with neglect and negativity. Connect with someone who is good for you today and your esteem account balance will thank you for it! 

    Much love, 

    Laura JeH – Namaste 

    PS. “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” was a staple song in my childhood. I’d love to hear from you what this message means to and for you and if nothing else would love for you to reply to say what your favourite childhood rhyme was – I’ve got a nephew to sing to and usually just make up uplifting songs of randomness, so remind me of what’s good and already exists so I can share them with this fabulous little man when I next see him, please and thanks! 

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