10/55: Full Permission To Be + Join Me For Sacred Service!!! LINKS INC

Permission to be yourself is not required but sometimes it helps us have the confidence to actually do it fully.


To stop wearing all the expectations we perceived to be our responsibility to carry once someone we trusted declared things to be a certain way and we believed them when what we really needed is to just get back to who we were underneath that.


Deep breath. Wouldn’t that be nice?


And so why not make it so and simply give ourselves room to breathe a little deeper for a few minutes this morning as we take in the sweet no-taste of oxygen (and whatever else is in the environment) and give thanks for all the blessings we’ve been given on this day.


Let us reflect on our lives and give thanks for all the times and people who gave us grace when we needed it and may we extend that same respect to others who are fighting a battle we know nothing about when we encounter them today.


Judgement is easy. It’s an inbuilt function because it allows us to survive and maneuver through this world without getting too attached to things or marred in the drama and muchness of it all.


Life can be overwhelming, especially when we were born for great things but maybe were born to a nuclear unit that didn’t have capacity for our greatness and instead beat us down to fit within the parameters of possibility they believed possible for us. Resentment is natural, but overcoming it through forgiveness is Divine.


We must remember that those closest to us have (hopefully) done their best by us and been there through all of it with us which means they usually got the dramatic story that didn’t portray the warrior at our best so it’s understandably hard for them to believe in the dream that takes time to manifest.


But for them to hold onto the image of who you were while you transformed is their loss because you will soon be severing the cords of negativity that bind you to the past and if they’re unwilling to change their image of you then they have to go too.


As you become more enlightened you begin to embody more light so that would be a great loss for them.


Light is coded with information and we must make sure that the input into our INNER SYSTEM is pure and of the greatest and highest good.


For in this life we must protect our dreams the way we would a child and make sure that we are not leaving our dreams with people that want to harm them because they don’t understand them or who they make us want to be to achieve them.


Learning to forgive the ones who want to harm the baby of our dreams requires commitment and may take effort to do at first because we often don’t want to let them off the hook so easily. But holding onto them energetically creates a cord of attachment on a soul level that will potentially keep you connected with unresolved karma in the next incarnation you encounter one another in so better to deal with it while you’re in the flesh.


Here’s the crazy thing that I’ve come to understand with all the advanced alchemical studies and teachings I now have access to through Michael Seegers and Summit Lighthouse. We are all here to become the Ascended Masters of our own lives which will liberate us from the cycle of samsara or the Wheel of Suffering as the Buddhists call it; in the West we call it the cycle of reincarnation.


In order to do so all we have to do is transmute 51% of our karma from this lifetime and past lifetimes so that we can ascend and rewrite our existence and so why not work toward assisting our Soul selves with that task?


The best way to do that is to learn the sacred knowledge of the Universe through teachers and mentors you respect the results of, practice decreeing independently and with the community we are building as we come together in upcoming meetings.


Tonight at 7pm is the Shambhala Temple of Light Beginner’s Class with Michael Seegers that I tend to go live on zoom with should you wish to watch the service and decree with me while being in the view too.


The call details to do that via Zoom are as follows:



Meeting ID: 973 1591 5339

Passcode: 121673


Then tomorrow morning we’ll be gathering again for the next Sacred Self-Compassion Service: Recovering A Sense of Connection. It has a different Meeting Number and Passocde so a few minutes before 10:10am join me live for a dance and handstand party to a new song from the “Album 22 Compilation Project” before then reading the next chapter in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way: A Course In Recovering and Discovering Your Artist Within.”


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 922 2685 9577

Passcode: PEACE


I’ve been working on something super SPECIAL over the last week and it’s coming together nicely!


I look forward to being able to share that will you soon and hope you’ll choose to join me for at least one of these calls.


Blessings and respect,

Laura JEH – Namaste

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