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I’m on a time crunch before the internet gets disconnected between 8am-10pm today so I’m writing this to you with an update and an insight I hope will benefit you in being aware of too.
The world is a reflection of our internal states and what we all want is to be part of something greater than ourselves, forgetting who and what we truly are beyond the meat suit we identify with. What that means is that based on the state of things I have a lot of INNER work to do and you do too. So let us do that together!
We will begin gathering locally for meditations, conscious conversations and masterminding soon, where I am to begin and then further afield where there is interest and sponsorship as I believe it is crucial for us to be able to recognize one another as the great divide will soon become uber apparent as the ones who have been sold out and totally bought it, hook, line and sinker will begin to be disillusioned and there is no going back from it once you have something injected into you without fully knowing what it is.
It’s like the birth control shot that offers a year’s worth of protection, I believe I remember being told, but the issue would be that if you had an allergic reaction of any kind to it there would be nothing that could be done. I didn’t like the sound of that then and don’t like the same scenario applied to the current gene therapy being propagandized and promoted as something they are not since Vacc1nes have to actually offer a solution and these do not remedy anything, except furthering Agenda 21 – The Sustainability Act designed to save the Earth’s resources for the few at the expense of the many.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny did an incredibly detailed and insightful interview I would highly recommend you watch on the reason this is not something you want to take into your body, at any point and especially not when the solution being offered is only able to be endorsed because the criteria for a Pandemic was changed before this one was called, right around the time they hosted Event 201 to strategize how they would handle everything if a Pandemic were to occur, because as we know from reading The Rockefeller Report 2010, Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 this has been in the works for a very long time.
My mind is presently fixated on all the information I have discovered in the last couple years that weave together the ugliest, most sinister quilt you could imagine and instead of keeping you warm it’s designed to infect and overtake the ones it coddles.
What I have struggled with is how much truth to tell given the censorship and banishing practicing of those that go against the grain of a system designed to save itself significant time, energy, money and more experience when we start influencing enough people.
And that’s when then we just have to trust that we are protected by a higher power that wants to see the white wolf win and will support us in ensuring that as a reality.
BUT here’s the secret that the world seems to be missing right now.
We have to ask for help, support, and guidance from the highest power Source available, realizing there are lower fields of existence that can dress up like the Divine when they are really just entities trying to steal power from unsuspecting souls who didn’t realize the real territory being fought for is the space between our ears and the real estate that is your body.
This afternoon at 3:30pm EST we will gather for the final Mad Hatter’s Mystic Music Album 22 Project Summit before the April 2 deadline for the 22 song compilation album I have been involved with since December when the idea first came to Jared Wade and I who have been coordinating this endeavour.
Given the internet issue I’ve got, between now and then I’ll be shifting and getting myself into a space where I can focus and be present with the contributing artists to this experience I’ve had the privilege of coming to work with over the past few months. If you would also like to join us at 3:30pm EST then please do:


Meeting ID: 998 3084 8635

Passcode: PEACE

We must harmonize our focus so that we are singing a Uni-verse-all song we can get behind rather than making it all about what ‘they’ have planned.
There is much planned for us all but we have to be willing to ask for help, support and guidance one prayer at a time, remembering that every prayer is heard, every time.
You are loved,
Laura JEH – Namaste


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