12/55: Learning To Ride The Magick Of The Mo-Ment

The first time I really got plugged into a higher level of living and it became too much for me was when I was in Arizona at the Hilton Embassy Suites meeting all the incredible characters in this virtual reality experience, one of whom I recognized from TV but wasn’t sure from what specifically. I followed BrainTap there after the JV Summit I’d met Dr. Patrick Porter and wanted to get a unit for myself.


The sequence of events leading up to that experience virtually threw me over the edge and I didn’t want the magick of the Uni-verse to stop. Must ‘tone it down’ button broke and suddenly I was following my ing even when it wouldn’t have been socially acceptable to do normally.


I wanted to keep riding the moment fully pre-sent where I was, content to be where I was, hopeful of what could be, optimistic about what would be, expecting/believing in possibility, enthusiastic/eager/happy for what was, passionate about life, and able to reach the penthouse of possibility which is experienced as love, peace, joy, knowledge, empowerment, and freedom.


That is the upper half of “The HUE-Man High-Rise of E-Motion” and when we learn how to more consciously maneuver these states of emotion, the faster you can move yourself into this aspect of the High-Rise.


Boredom, Pessimism, Frustration/Irritation/Impatience, Overwhelment, Disappointment, Doubt, Worry, Blame, Discouragement, Anger, Revenge, Hatred/Rage, Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness, Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness are the floors that exist below the ‘upper half’ where we are far more open and susceptible to manipulation, corruption and confusion.


If this concept is new to you it’s simply what I’ve been talking about for the last four years while working on the book that rewrote me in a different box because the HUE-Man aspect of this ‘Emotional Resilience Training Tool’ only came to me this morning, March 25, as I listened to a YouTube video by Aaron Doughty.


It wasn’t what he’d said specifically that triggered me but what he’s doing and how he’s doing it that did. It’s also the fact that I rode the magick of the moment all the way to that particular video while sitting on the porch watching the sun brighten up the fields while also organizing my notes from over the years.


And now that I feel I have the final element necessary to complete the work that rewrote me I will be offering the PEACEFULL INNER WARRIORS UNITED: Creating Your SPECIAL Practice PILOT Workshop to lay out the content for a course I’ll be flying as my flagship. But in the mean time, we have another opportunity this afternoon to call our power back fully to the present moment by understanding who and whose we are by joining the PIWU Lawfully Organized Summit at 4pm EST:


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Meeting ID: 944 9611 2986

Passcode: PEACE


With the greater criminal impositions being enforced on the people (corporate slaves) all the time, today being the Carbon Tax Legislation here in Canada, it’s time for us to understand our rights or we’ll quickly begin to realize that if we don’t know our rights we don’t have any.


And if we fail to learn our rights and responsibilities as natural men and women, we will fall is a trans-humanistic agenda that will wind up being a very bleak reality for those left to endure it if we do not stand up, committed to advocating for those who are incapable of advocating for themselves.


Hope you can join us and am grateful you’re reading this right now! I appreciate your support more than you know!


Laura JeH – Namaste


PS. At 7pm EST tonight I’ll continue reading Saint Germain on Alchemy where we left off from last week straight to Facebook and YouTube so feel free to join me for that insightful session tonight too! 

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