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21 Days To Journey Through The Soul-F.U.L.L Warrior’s Quest

Laura JE Hamilton Soul-F.U.L.L Coach

It’s incredible what changes for you when you commit publicly to something and fall shy.

My 10/10 Book Launch Party was a complete bust and in the months leading up to it when my entire worldview collapsed and I finally saw the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y of things, I went into hiding.

As I renovated the room I grew up staying in on weekends at my Grandparents’ home it was a bitter sweet process because renovations meant leaving my Woo Woo Oasis in Paris where I had complete freedom and close proximity to Movati, my gym and my current workplace. I was disappointed in myself and yet simultaneously grateful and hopeful.

Grateful to have a tribe of people who love me enough to help me when I get in my own way and finally had the realization that I was trying to finish a book before I’d got clear about what the point of sharing it all was. I had to ask myself what I intended to accomplish from being a published author and mentor to soulful seekers, and until I figured that out ‘they’ wouldn’t be able to find me through to noise of modern life anyway.

My embarrassment came from the timing of my realization and how I felt others might feel about and towards me given I pulled back and out of the public eye right before I officially launched the website I’d been getting revamped over the summer, while I thought I was in the process of ‘finishing’ my first book, etc but instead none of that happened.

Instead of hitting the global stage I gave notice at my condo, completely gutted and renovated the room I now consider my home base at my Grandparents, and got myself a job where I’d consistently been working toward a stronger version of myself. Making minimum wage isn’t great for the self-esteem when you’re used to making significantly more as an entrepreneur but it was exactly what I needed.

I stepped back right at the edge of a premature launch and became like the baby Eagles that resist their Mother’s nudge to fly the coop. More on that story another time.

At the time I pulled back I remember shaking my head in disapproval because I was “three feet from gold” as Napoleon Hill writes in his classic manual for living abundantly called Think and Grow Rich and yet I wasn’t strong enough to stand firmly in my own wisdom either. I had broken into a dozen pieces several times and I hadn’t got everything glued back together fully yet so felt exposed and vulnerable.

I’ve been learning every step of the way and writing the insights I discovered along the way too but I didn’t publish most of them.

This is my formal announcement that for the next 4 weeks I will be posting a blog written each week day, based on a triggering sentiment I’ll be given each day by a Trailblazing Guide in the Authentic Movement I am following. I am calling my series 21 Days To Journey Through The Soul-F.U.L.L Warrior’s Quest and will post these blogs to my website each day and also email them directly to ‘my people’ who have signed up to receive my complimentary video series at

Here’s to greater Passion, Enthusiasm, Authenticity, Clarity and Encouragement through consistent sharing.

Engage with me each day by sharing how my daily story helps you reach new depths of understanding in your own life.

Why not just say yes? You’ve got nothing to lose and a ton to gain if you’re willing to see my stories as a mirror for you and your day over the next month.

I hope you’ll join me for this journey!

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

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