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31/33: I Ran Out Of Days Without Even Real-EyeZING It

It’s the final day of the month I said I would finish the 33 days to dream a new dream together series in and yet here we are today where I realized I didn’t have the accustomed 30 or 31 days in a month because it’s a short one and I forgot.


And then that got me thinking about how symbolic that is of life and what we’re all here for now.


At the end of our days we will expect there to be more except one day we just won’t make it to church that Sunday or ever again, or be where we often were anymore because we are creatures of habit who either interrupt the habit or the habit will threaten the mission.


We have to ask ourselves how those habits are serving us in creating the future that we desire for ourselves, together and what we’re willing to do about that.


What I know for sure is that there is a massive shift in perspective that must take place and that will require the transmutation of a lot of negative karma stored in our collective electronic belt that we now have a chance to clear together and that is what I propose we now do together.


Tomorrow is a new month and yet now I’m still committed to a series that I thought I’d have finished long ago and yet this month has been expansive on many fronts and so I gave myself grace since I haven’t been asking for anything in exchange for all the magick I sprinkle in this world so technically I’m not letting anyone down, except myself.


But there comes a point where what we know and what we do become a gap that we must bridge and what I was taught long ago and know to be at least usually true is that people don’t typically respect what they don’t have to pay for, work hard for or want to understand. If it comes easy to them it’s almost as if they didn’t have to build up enough emotional scar tissue to value what they got when it was freely given to them and so they discarded it.


I can say that as a grown up girl who loves deeply and easily, and previously, at times, too freely. And yet I say this because our sexuality is so often used as a shaming tool that I’m no longer willing to play that I say game on, I own all of who I am and as a sovereign being I intend to keep it that way as I’d encourage you to do too.


Have I messed up and shared myself with more than one person who didn’t deserve it? Yes, absolutely. And you likely have to but I believe that we have fundamentally been trained to give ourselves away to those who don’t want us so that we can feel like we worked for it and thus have some sense of deserving it.


Somehow we have inherited a story about not being good enough that we have a chance to sever the karmic ties with and so I recorded a video offering instructions to do so, one in plain speech and the other sung in a song. I have yet to upload them.


Right now E13: Mother Mary, The Rosary & The Sacred Word Part 2: The Michael & Laura Show is uploading and before that I hosted the Sacred Self-Compassion Service at 10:10am EST on Recovering Your Sense of Integrity (JOIN NEXT SUNDAY for the chapter on Recovering Your Sense of Possibility!)


I also edited and uploaded Your Birth-day, Karma & The Cosmic Clock:The Michael & Laura Show ***BONUS*** and Twin Flames, Soul Mates & The Difference BONUS Michael & Laura Show Episode, and I’ve got another incredible interview to get up with Rita Davies from two weeks ago too. It’s been a day reflective of the week I’ve had energetically and I am grateful for it all! The movement is exciting and necessary!


Thursday we hosted another PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Lawfully Organized Summits at 4pm (every Thursday till Redress is reached) – you can watch that Mastermind with Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta as our foundation here.


Tuesday we gathered for the Mad Hatter’s Mystic Music (Album 22) Summit and magick happened when one of our contributing artists and amazing souls, Rimini, led us through a recoding process for all those who wish to be part of a conscious music revolution. Be with us live next time: March 9 & 23 at 3:30pm EST.


You can decide which one to listen to when they’re ready but in the mean time you’ve got lots to choose from over the past few weeks as I’ve been uploading my creative babies for you to judge and hopefully share with others you want to see my message too.


I sincerely appreciate your support and want to remind you that none of us have more than the time we are given and so we must use that time response-ably to do what makes our heart sing and if it is singing itself then you’re my kinda person because sometimes the songs just flow out of me because it’s what I am thinking and how the words come out – I may be what some would consider a channel or messenger for the light, and that takes us to what I’m going to share tomorrow which is “The Story of Maybe,” like I told the video I can no longer find when I was in the backseat of the police car en route to being a prisoner of the Mental Health Act for 2.5 weeks where I got to see the under belly of the system that is now externalizing it’s power plays and tactics on a larger and more overt scale than ever before and I have eyes to realize it.


A lot of people think I’m crazy and they aren’t wrong because crazy means different and I’ve never met another me before. But I’ve never met another you before either and this is what we must remember.


There never has never been another one like us before which is why we are us. But consider if all the characters of the past were souls that won embodiment for this life too after expiring from that one and being available for this turning point in humanity’s history where we have to intentionally direct the Energy we are willing to focus our attention onto as one people inclusive of all hues.


Wouldn’t that be nice? And then I say why not?


If anyone is going to do it, let it be us.


“Let there be peace on Earth” is the song that rings in my head now as I wrap this message up and say I’m still super proud of myself for everything that was achieved this month and so as a wrap up of the series I’m going to share some links to the Projects I’ve invested my TEEAM into tomorrow.







And I say that you are investing yours too so the question is how wisely or sense-lessly are you investing yours?


And how is that working for you?


Socrates said that the quality of a person’s life can be measured in direct proportion to the quality of questions he is willing to ask, and the space he is able to hold to receive the answer in the language of the Universe the main character in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist which I read out loud last year and has a story all of its own.


I have many stories to share but I have been learning how to share them without sharing other people’s stories in the process, and so that is part of what took me so long to finally become a published author the way I am literally only a few thousand organized words away from because I need to figure out how to put everything I want to say in order for the first book which will then lead to the second and third and so on, if only I am just willing to hold strong and be faith-full and push through my own fears and terror barriers of change as I’ve become so accustomed to doing.


I share all of this to be vulnerable and transparent so you feel free to journey with me, back to the heart centre of who and whose you are, with guides you can trust.


This will become an email earlier in the new series I’m putting together but that’s enough for today. Have a great one and keep up the fun you bring into your day simply because you choose to be playful without it needing to be at someone else’s expense.


Much love,


Laura JEH – Namaste

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