Have You Been Told This Yet Today?? DAY TWENTY FOUR of 66

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    How many times have you been told how fabulous you are so far today? 

    If your first response is a bewildering look at the clock to justify your answer, then you’re not alone. 

    Most people would say ‘not yet’ or just slump their shoulders slightly and feel even less important than they already did before this revealing question was asked, while the cheeky ones might say ‘give me time’. 

    The unfortunate truth is that as a society we aren’t conditioned to celebrate and praise each other as readily as we are to criticize and condemn. In fact, we have grown so used to bonding and connecting through our problems that we will readily throw one another under the metaphoric bus just to relate to someone who may mean even less to us than the person metaphorically being run over.

    The more unfortunate truth is that waiting for someone else to say to us what we’re unwilling to say to ourselves mean placing our self-esteem in a stranger’s hand, or even that of someone we love, and no matter how much they may want us to feel good about ourselves, they can’t give us what we’re unwilling to give ourselves. 

    Approval is an independent activity that we have made extra-curricular. 

    We have turned approval seeking into a game and in the process, stopped drinking from the tap we have direct access to.

    Telling yourself how fabulous you are may be a stretch depending on how much self-esteem you currently have, but telling yourself you are enough is fully and completely true.

    Your ability to craft a legacy you can be proud of will be directly impacted by your sense of enough-ness so it’s really as much in my best interest to empower you as it is for you to do for yourself. We need you standing tall in all your glory and brilliance!

    Telling yourself how fabulous you are, or even that you are enough, is a sentiment that will serve you well to reinforce even before your feet touch the ground upon rising. Tell it to yourself again while you shower, eat your breakfast, drink your coffee, drive to work or wherever you’re going first thing. It will serve you well to repeat far beyond that too, remembering that anything is a start. 

    Remember too that when someone asks if anyone has told you how fabulous you are today, even if it has ‘only’ been you, you are enough and it counts for more than someone else’s flippant compliment. They can only compliment you when they feel good about themselves, or see something in you they haven’t yet owned within themselves. The same is true for you. 

    To get more compliments, give more compliments to yourself and soon you’ll find others start saying it more too. After all, if you believe you’re great, anyone that tries to argue with you will simply reveal all of the limiting beliefs they have about themselves, the world and those within it and it’s ok to let them keep their BS (Belief Systems). They likely inherited it from someone before they knew they had a choice to reject or neglect the idea and then have created a life around it. 

    The difference is that you know you have a choice and the more intentional you are about complimenting yourself right from the beginning of the day mean you get to bring that energy with you into everything you do.

    Enjoy yourself today, you’re pretty fabulous!!!

    Much love, 

        Laura Jeh – Namaste

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