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Who Wants To Hear My Story Again?!? DAY TWENTY THREE of 66

2017-05-19 10.11.51
    “Who is going to want to hear me tell my story, over and over?”
    Ever ask yourself that question in your work, or even your relationships?
    After spending a year and a half writing about the monomyth that all of our stories are founded in, I’ve considered this question a lot because I held my story back in the telling of it for a long time and now must add it in. I share this because it’s likely similar for you…
    I didn’t want to expose anyone in the process of sharing my own story, and yet it’s in sharing it that others can be taken to a deeper part of their own transformation, with the tools I found there and came back to share with my tribe. Also remember to separate the individual from their behaviour and remember to give yourself this same level of grace.
    The deeper into the veils you’re willing to go, the closer to your essence you are able to get and the more clearly you can see everything that is getting in your way from being authentic more often.
    The fear of not being good enough is at the core of this question (“am I really that important?”) and this short message is a reminder that your story is all you have to tell, at the end of the day, so yes. Tell your story again and again, realizing each telling of it changes your emotional charge toward it and the impact it has on you, and others, too.
    Also remember that as you share more of your story, you’ll start to share parts of it that someone else thought they were facing on their own. Your willingness to be real will help others more than you can possibly imagine.
    People need to hear something a variety of ways until they find the way that means the most to them. Be willing to be vulnerable and watch as your world begins to open up in miraculous ways.
    Believe that. And above all else, believe in yourself, today and all-ways.
    Much love,
        Laura JeH – Namaste


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