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The Day We Stop Running… DAY TWENTY-ONE of 66

    Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a fun day and would love nothing more than to help you make it even better.
    I’ve been making a lot of videos I’m uploading when my phone isn’t too full to function properly lately and am reminded that being too F.U.L.L. of BS is bad for your health, and everything else; until I finish the process of clearing out my life of all that no longer serves me I’ll keep hitting former lids that I no longer want to be confined by.
    Decluttering has been a huge part of that process for me and last night I had a break through moment when I caught myself in an outdated and unhelpful pattern that I’m ready to intentionally release.
    I had been to the gym and got together with a friend for a few drinks and wings (he had the drinks and I had the wings – yum!) and then was going to get together with another friend as the plan was to clear out the photos from my iCloud storage while watching a movie, stay over and then hit up an early yoga class and Psychic fair.
    But as I was heading to the fork where I could turn left to go home or carry on to go to his, I turned left.
    For the first time in months, the thought of staying at a friend’s place and working there when I could be home felt unnecessary. In a candid message I recorded and posted to my Instagram story yesterday and will get uploaded to my YouTube channel soon, I’m tired of making short stories with people, so what’s the point?
    I am blessed to have a close family and so friends have always been less necessary because between them and work there’s little time for little else. Well in doing things differently, I’ve acquired several friends in the last year and most of them are guys. You can draw your own conclusions about it, but I’m not ‘with’ any of them and they’re good with that so it’s far more innocent than it may sound. But nonetheless, the cost of having so many individual friends adds up and I’ve realized I can’t afford it anymore.
    I’ve been laying down the line in terms of boundaries recently, both personally and professionally, and it’s been interesting.
    I’m growing a lot right now and I sense that big changes are on the horizon.
    Maybe I’ll even send out the short and sweet type of message that I mentioned I love getting and am doing my best to give to you soon but for now you’re getting what felt like flowing to you. I do it this way because I hope this level of transparent vulnerability helps you in owning the secrets lurking in the darkness of your consciousness too.
    That’s enough for today. Make it a week you’ll remember, by design!
    Much love,
        Laura JeH – Namaste

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