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For All Those Who Died (POEM via VIDEO)… DAY TWENTY of 66

Witches being sentenced

   It was the wee hours of Saturday morning for my friends in the UK when I wrote this message and I forgave myself for not getting yesterday’s blog posted by the end of the 19th day – two emails wrote in less than an hour, it’s just the editing and hitting post that took time.

    I wanted you to miss an email for a day and see whether you noticed. With the amount of noise we have to filter through every day you likely didn’t, but maybe you did. I didn’t because I’ve sent this email to myself several times today working to get it just right, but maybe the delay wasn’t even required…


    This series has been taking on new meaning to and for me and what I’m most curious about is what it’s meaning to and for you so far!? 

    Sometimes it takes a little longer to read over what flowed from you but clarity is a key selling feature in adding value. I’ve been working on that, believe me!

    I hope you’ll read yesterday’s message and watch the video I created for it too, even though it came out shortly after the end of the actual 19th day. 

    I also want to say I’m glad our paths crossed when they did and that if you’re interested in a soulfull journey from an alternative perspective, offering a different vantage point to circumstances you might be facing, then I hope my messages will help. Remember that we get who we are in life and we’re connected now for a reason so it’s just about remembering what that reason is. 

    There’s a reason that you’re reading this message right now and it isn’t because you have extra time with nothing better to do with it…

    That doesn’t really exist in today’s modern world where we think we have to do so much just to be enough. 

    As you enjoy your weekend I want you to know that you already are enough exactly as you are (I’ve been listening to a lot of Marissa Peer’s work on YouTube lately, can you tell?).

    Love the ones you feel need it the least because they’re often the ones who need it the most. And love the others too because kindness is a gift meant to be freely given.

    If you’ve ever felt like you’re a misfit that doesn’t fit into a broken system, then join the Club. Literally, it’s a Facebook community I started so none of us need to feel alone anymore, especially the teenagers who haven’t been around long enough to know what they want to know, thinking they already know it.

    Let me know what you want to know too as it helps me in writing messages and making videos with you in mind!

    More to come soon, check out the video here for now and be sure to join the movement for I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. with other soulfull seekers. 

    Much love, 

        Laura JeH – Namaste 

    PS. It’s Nov 3 and I am reminded that it was one of my youngest teachers’ birthdays, a person I got to share 3.5 years with as a bonus parent, turns 15 today! Reaching back out after I’d left felt awkward and so I hadn’t heard much about any of them until August when we were both at the last JMT IMC event in Orlando. Celebrating you today nonetheless, Jacob James! 

    How fast time truly flies and how children mark those poignant changes! 

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