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Distraction, Alternative Agendas and Cutting It Close… DAY NINETEEN of 66

2018-08-28 13.40.53
Well, I almost doubted whether I’d have a chance to get a blog posted today but I made it all happen despite distraction, alternative agendas, and fear of rising above the Parapet.

I’ve done a vlog about Parapet Syndrome in the past and will soon do again because it has evolved as I have.

As I have moved my inner reactive queen-in-training off the throne by hosting a coronation ceremony for my Queen Mother and Father King to stand up to take their rightful place on the throne of my I.N.N.E.R. world, things have been shifting in big ways for me.

I have been stewing for a really long time. Hiding, from my own greatness.

I have a feeling that when the wisdom that you’re on the leading edge of receiving through this series about being here now at the turning point in human history where we are changing on a cellular level… could be a new perspective on an old idea.

We must learn how to work with the new energies that are coming in now and many people are experiencing ascension symptoms because we are taking communal energies personally without filtering it through the lens of what it means to and for you.

Ways to bring yourself back to the present moment where you can call your soul fragments back to the now moment mean becoming more powerful than you’ve previously believed the world could handle.

So many of us have been afraid of standing in all our glory because of parapet syndrome.

Message me back if you want a video on it – what are your biggest spiritual questions and curiousities about how to ground energy through the chakra systems, about changing rulership T.E.E.A.M.s within your inner kingdom, connecting with Mother Gaia (Planet Earth) and understanding how you have a book within the Akashic Records that if you understand how to access – or have accessed – and interpreted, then you’ll be able to create an experience that best reflects your creative abilities and possibilities compared to your reactive tendencies that lean toward comfort and safety in a life that promises death.

I have so much more to say and only minutes to post and get out to my people to say I almost didn’t make it but I pushed through and honoured my biggest priorities today – visited Papa, delivered a Blueprint reading, supper with my Aunt and Uncle, then gym for an hour where I recorded a video, spoke to my co-facilitator to the event we’re hosting November 24 in London (Ontario) and spoke with two former colleagues who were still at work and wanting to catch up.

I love being part of a tribe I feel accepted, appreciated and invited into. That’s been my experience for the most part. There’s almost always someone who wants to see the silver lining but you have to remember the sun is always shining above..

It’s 11:55pm on the 19th day of this series. Damn right, I’m making this deadline – go me!

Yes it’s ok to be proud of yourself and I celebrate you for it with you!

Have a fabulous day tomorrow and prepare for an earlier email – glad you’re with me!

Much love,

Laura JeH

PS. I posted a blog on my Youtube channel earlier tonight you can check out here. X

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