Got My Chi Flowing Again! … DAY EIGHTEEN of 66

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    I have been cleaning and reorganizing my space to make room for more of what I want to come into my life while keeping what’s working and letting the rest go. 

    I’ve been making space by getting rid of things and also just moving things around to get their chi flowing again.

    I use Diamond Feng Shui as a guideline for designing my space because it incorporates the significance of colours, directions and items into the ‘flow formula’ it recommends for your design.

    What’s most exciting to me is that I finally moved the love seat from my condo into my all-in-one room and I LOVE IT having my home comforts not just under one roof but under one room. 

    I don’t need a lot nor do I even want a lot. Knowledge and information gets me going more than most material items, though I do love my plants, crystals, inspirational quotes and books for my home library. 

    I’ve always loved seeing my favourites library in the corner of my room, it just didn’t have a lot happening around it to make it the focal feature of my videos, but then I decided to switch things up and make them more comfortable and convenient. 

    While my space feels very full now, it also has a flow that is graceful and can be appreciated.

    The irony is that my space was already full, it just required movement to get the energy moving again and sometimes that’s all it takes. You don’t necessarily need anything more than you already have, it’s just about learning how to use what you’ve already got. 

    “Everything in my life is full” I’ve said countless times about my iPhone storage, iCloud storage, external hard drives with countless backups, and even my computer. I’ve been working on organizing all of my files over the last week or so too because when we move the flow, the flow can start moving us. 

    I feel like it already is, and yet I’ve got a lot more to do so I’ll get back to it now and hope this inspires you to move some of the stagnant energies in your life by realizing that if you don’t enjoy a particular spot in your home or office, it’s likely because there’s a blockage in the flow that you are picking up on without being aware of what you’re perceiving. Move something around and soon enough you’ll find yourself cozying into an environment you really love! 

    Much love, 

        Laura JeH – Namaste 

    PS. I just received a message from someone on Linkedin asking me what I do. It’s the first time I replied quite like this but it’s because I’ve never been quite as confident in the value I offer as what I now am. “Apologies for the delay, I’m least active on LinkedIn – more so Facebook, Instagram and YouTube if you want to link with me there – has all the links.. 

I’m an empowerment coach with an alternative approach – I help people create the Ultimate Video game experience with their life. I use a combination of modalities depending on the situation but encourage starting with a Blueprint reading to understand which energetic properties you’re most abundant in and how to best assemble them to reflect and respect your authentic self.

I also use coaching, EFT, Munay Ki Rites, Access Bars Consciousness, movement therapy where appropriate and crystal work. Sound like something you’re interested in learning more about?

Tell me about yourself and what you’re working on.”

I’d love to hear how you’d respond to that too and if receiving a Blueprint reading is of interest include that detail in your reply and I’ll share the details with you about an exciting opportunity I’m going to launch in the new year.

It’s league changing time, my friend, for us both as individuals and also as a collective!

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