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Samhain is summer’s official end of reign and the transition into autumn.

It’s the equivalent of a restart because in resetting your self-image to include these new and intentional habitual patterns you are literally changing your life and how you fit in the world.

Samhain occurs on October 31 so as you go through the rest of your day realize that it is a time to reap what has been sown during the summer season of your life. You can see the growth because you were in the garden of your own life minding it all but you must remember those around you can’t see it yet and their desire to keep you safe could mean sacrificing your creative baby.

Don’t let that even be a possibility.

Tonight as the veils between worlds, of form and non-form, are thinnest it is an opportunity to intentionally reset your self-image to include the new and intentional habitual patterns that you want to describe you. You must be intentional about what you are willing to receive in the place of what you are releasing.

Hosting an intention infused burning ceremony tonight would be incredibly powerful for you.

Reply to this message if you’ve participated in ceremony before or are interested in learning more. I have been connecting with a local Shaman over the past few months and am now renting his office space to host events in Brantford over the coming months while I’m still in the area. I don’t know where I’ll be going next but I’m doubtful to stay in the area long after my Grandparents have recovered their health and independence. The world is simply too big to stay in one place, for me, but for now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than right where I am.

After a year of battling and resisting the feeling of encroached freedom, I find myself moving everything into one room so that I am only holding onto those few things that reflect what’s most important to me. I’ll give you a video tour once I’ve finished the finishing touches soon!

In the mean time I would encourage you to get yourself grounded. Take some time this evening to get yourself barefooted on a patch of grass where you can connect with Mother Gaia, and then host a burning ceremony of all that which no longer serves you, with the ending of the month. Set your new month’s goals alite in the process and let your passion burn even brighter.

Keep working toward your vision remembering that others will only be able to see it once you’ve painted it.

Keep painting the masterpiece that is your life and don’t let their fear get in the way.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

      PS. I wrote out this description of Samhain for a client I went to London (England) to coach in 2016 after working together virtually for 2 years. I am grateful for all the great people I have been connected with along my path and consider him and his family part of that! Clients are people with massive value to offer the world because they are willing to invest in themselves and those are the ones who will do what it takes to make sure their song gets shared with the world. This particular client taught me a lot about integrity, commitment and connection and I am grateful to have discovered him along my journey – Cheers!

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