8/55: Don’t Let Fat Rat Syndrome Hold You Back Any Longer

Today I woke up with the land around me, excited to reap the rewards of the harvest I have worked for 4 years to produce, like the ginseng so many of the local farmers have to do and unlike the crop that is known to take 5 years to produce its harvest, I didn’t yet understand the gestation period of my own dream.

When I lived in England as a fully supported house wife that wasn’t married, I remember driving home from getting groceries one afternoon, listening to Maxwell Maltz’s book Psychocybernetics and self-diagnosing myself based on one of the experiments he mentioned with a condition I coined right then.

In the moment I heard it I self-diagnosed myself with Fat Rat Syndrome and realized I was taking in all the items and opportunities in my environment so as to best ride the wave of the moment the way magick does, and yet my curiousity kept me from claim my stance as a guide for soulfull seekers until now. This is where the idea originated:

Two rats were selected to participate in two races through the same maze with cheese at the end both times.

The difference, or variable, between them was their level of hunger.

The first rat was starved before it was placed in the maze and as you’d imagine, the starved rat scurried through the maze quickly, hitting dead ends and frantically turning around, desperate to get to the cheese; ravenous in hunger when it finally reached its target, the prize didn’t last long and the hunger quickly returned. This rat failed to enjoy the journey entirely.

The second rat was fully fed and furnished, as mentioned, so when it was set to the entrance it could smell the cheese at the end and began to follow its nose too, just much slower. It sauntered through the maze, hitting roadblocks and turning around, eventually getting to the cheese which it nibbled a piece off of and saved the rest for later. This rat enjoyed the journey more before they weren’t needing anything which meant they weren’t in lack.

Both rats were then both starved to the point of desperation and put back in the same maze; seemingly miraculously, the rat who had been fully fed and happy the first race bee-lined directly to the cheese avoiding all of the mistakes it had previously made, as though it could remember its way. The starved rat from the first exercise alternatively made most of the same mistakes as it did the first time but still managed to get there, this time slower than the fed rat in the first race.

What it showed was that the Fat Rat took in its environment so it could move faster when it was time to do so. What I realized as I listened to that experiment was that I was a Fat Rat myself, as a fully provided for young adult in a relationship with a man I respected but for whom lacked respect for me in significant ways and so when I moved back home to Canada after our relationship ended four years later I really thought I would have made things work for myself by now but there was a lot of me to get out of the way before I could truly do so, I suppose.

The premise of Fat Rat Syndrome is that like the satisfied rat in the first experiment, because it was relaxed it was able to take in its environment and remember details about the environment that a stressed system never could. Realizing I was learning more than most people ever gain access to in a concentrated format in one lifetime which was the reason part of me was begging me to continue playing small because I was comfortable and growing beyond that would change our dynamic so it was hardly worth it until I was ready to change our relationship status.

Getting to that point takes quite a bit and while at first it may appear that the Fat Rat isn’t as capable or quick, what is happening is that more details are being absorbed into the subconscious for quick reference in the future. And thus when we take longer to do what we know we could have done faster we have to ask ourselves whether we are growing through the process or just going through the motions because that will determine the quality of our subsequent results when tasked to repeat what was done while relaxed and satisfied versus stressed and tense; cellular memory opens doors that were previously closed to our lower vibrational states of being but only if we’re willing to settle ourselves into the present.

And that’s the thing.

When I gave myself the diagnosis I had no idea I was actually talking about emotional awareness and the direct connection between stress and health which connects to vision and foresight. It’s what the Highrise of Emotional Awareness is all about and what I am excited to share now that the world seems in a greater state of chaos and crisis than my own cells which means we can offer to hold space for the collective transformation we are undergoing.

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 16 at 3:30pm EST I will be hosting the second Mental Health & Harmonizing Hue-Manity with Music Summit where we will gather to talk about the line of madness that artists and leaders alike must learn to maneuver in order to make it through the tipping point time in history that we presently find ourselves in.

That awareness came to me back when my inner child was very scared and working with a sold out prostitute, saboteur and victim within the inner kingdom of my own landscape. And now I’m seeing that pattern play out in the collective and want to help remedy it by reintroducing the sacred nature of life from an alternative perspective.

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow to DIG deeper into what that means!

Stay fabulous,

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. I literally wrote this message hours ago but got distracted by the message I was going to include here and subsequently did a bunch of other things instead including this. Very interesting pattern to catch ourselves in and empowering to interrupt – the image attached to this post btw was of me and my hamster in 2006! Fun times!

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