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That saying “you don’t know what you don’t know, until you do” is true and then you have real-eyes to realize how much you need to stretch to fill the shoes you’re now called to wear, and then you become consciously competent with or at the thing you used to be unconsciously incompetent at, until you reach a point of becoming so familiar with the idea or behaviour that you actually forget not knowing or thinking it was always that way.


But it’s a fallacy that has been used against us, we just didn’t have eyes to realize what was underway.


The process of becoming a PEACEFULL INNER Warrior means turning around to reflect on the process of transformation we’ve all been going through, extracting the golden experiences, memories and lessons from the whole memory, and then figuring out what E-motions were stored in these reflections on history. And then to also become aware of how trauma has been planted into our DNA at a cellular level because of the holographic image concept that you may or may not be familiar with.


It’s the concept that in a holographic image you have a picture of the whole stored within each individuated expression of the whole that uniquely expresses itself so it can be fit into its place within the global puzzle of life happening on the Mother we have paid far less respect to than she deserved.


But how were we meant to respect Mother Earth when so few people respect themselves enough to wield power responsibly or our expression of it given free will.


I read the excerpt on free will before I read the chapter in Saint Germain on Alchemy called “Jesus Christ and Saint Germain: Wayshowers of the Aquarian Age” that you can check out here. And what it means is that we have the ability to become the avatars that future generations play with and tell stories about because their loved one encouraged it and that is how Belief Systems are spreed from generation to generation until someone comes along to question the story.


But people have become too busy to learn the stories of leadership and character building that come in sacred texts like the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita or other traditions that whole societies and cultures have been formed and modelled off.


What I have come to understand in my heart of hearts is that we’re all here for our own reasons and my purpose is to help soulfull seekers remember how to build a sense of home within the sacred chamber of the heart where I often say the Queen (Divine Feminine) and King (Divine Masculine) must learn to sit together harmoniously on the throne of your inner kingdom. And thus we are called to become response-able parents to our cells so that we can offer correction based on a concentrated understanding of what is possible if we are willing to pursue our dreams.


Last year I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho aloud online because it was what was required and the fascinating thing was that it took me nearly 9 months to read through the whole thing because one interruption during filming and my own unwillingness to slow down to go back and edit the recording and get it published meant that I literally didn’t feel like I could go on with the story for many months. I simply kept myself so busy I kept recording more content without going back for the reading that got interrupted and so I sabotaged myself until I chose to just get beyond it and be ok with not posting that part.


The point is that we all need to understand that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and we’re being called to step out of the boxes we’ve been trained to believe in and to instead imagine a world where the walls that used to keep us feeling safely separate from one another become the bridges that help us build a world of compassionate and considerate connection with one another that benefits all of us?!


I appreciate it may sound idealistic or optimistic beyond what may seem possible but I also know that right in this moment as I write this message to you, I am listening to Luna Keller’s song “A Ray Of Light” that I am proud to say I’ve been getting to know through the Mad Hatter’s Mystic Music “Album 22” Project Summits we’ve been hosting since the end of 2020 when we called our first meeting.


It has turned into an incredible opportunity that could be a ray of light in many people’s lives because of who chooses to get involved. Really thrilled that Luna’s part of it and am excited to see all the other contributor’s submitted songs coming in as we move toward the April 2, 2021 deadline so it’s all really quite exciting really!


Luna’s song “Burning House” is now poignantly playing in the background as I write this now and feel that it’s true. We are all living in a burning house if we aren’t willing to turn this ship around and this afternoon’s Lawfully Organized Summit at 4pm EST is designed to be part of finding the solution as ‘average’ men and women.


But let me tell you this as the final point for today: there is nothing average about you unless you sow the seeds of mediocrity in your mind and then let the weeds spread without interruption.


According to the Chart of Your Divine Self from Summit Lighthouse, which Michael Seegers and I did an tutorial about here, we all carry a picture of the Grand Overall Designer with us in the I Am That I Am Presence that floats above the Christ Consciousness above each of our heads, that we have all been given the opportunity to embody and thus wear the crown of our corona which by definition is the gaseous aura around a Sun radiating heat just like we do.


What that means is that if we do all carry a picture of GOD above each of us, corded to us by our silver cord of Divine connection, then the Holographic theory remains a possible option because that means we’re all carrying a unique picture of God with us and therefore we have to real-eyes all the levels we are actually meeting each other at when we come into contact.


Join the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Lawfully Organized Summit at 4pm EST on Zoom today:

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Grateful for all the soulfull seekers and sovereign beings ready to take a stand for the inheritances the children we may (wish to) have would receive if we play our cards right! Let’s discuss what that would look like,

Laura JEH – Namaste

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