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6/55: Loads of Links & Length Mean Investing Your TEEAM To Read – Can You Afford To?

Yesterday I cohosted the Mad Hatter’s Mystic Music “Album 22” Project Summit #6 where ten amazing individuals joined together to support one another as we individually create higher frequency messages in our music and contribute it to a collaborative project that could literally help to harmonize the new hue-manity we are birthing together right now!

It is time to realize that preaching truth doesn’t usually work because people shut off when they feel threatened or insecure and that’s exactly what new information does: threaten existing ideas because the new idea challenges the validity of what was existing. What is science at the end of the day but the best hypothesis’ that has been proven until others come along with greater merit and evidence, the proof then sways to the ‘new science’ except they’re conditioning us to call it the ‘new norm.’
This means we need to help people feel safe to protect the special brain child that seems worth protecting, because that’s what it takes for us to be willing to stand up!

I think a free styled nursery rhyme that is catchy and concentrated is the perfect contribution for me to make that I’m working with another artist on the record on which requires me working through my own blocks in order to do it too, might I add!

When I share my fear or nerves it’s because I am starting to understand that I do a lot of things that most people wouldn’t dream of doing, and I don’t think too much about it and I appreciate this is a practiced response. It’s only because I’ve learned what works for me to stay high vibing and I think may prove to be helpful for you too.

And please don’t misunderstand that to say I don’t think because that’s not true at all. I think most of the time I am awake I just happen to follow my heart a lot too, and thinking and mental activity are not the same thing.

I didn’t realize that most people don’t care to discover (or search for) truth to the level that I have because most people don’t want to think, nor did I understand why so many people were more interested in being offended and having something to complain about than they were open to possible solutions. I’ve simply learned from too many possibility thinkers than to accept the apparent reality of fear & lack that reflects a small-minded perspective.

Small-minded perspectives come from the mind that has not been stretched to greater limits because it didn’t need to before now and now it does; the brain forms familiar patterns of neuro-networks that create easier ways of doing things and sometimes that bypasses the best answer of all.

Now it is time to say we must collectively stop looking to be offended and instead look for points of connection to build off of instead. And we must be ok with putting in some extra elbow grease to get things going in the first place because you can see what it will be worth to you once it’s ingrained and you’ve have been retrained and changed by your own prompting.
It is based on our ability to evaluate our memories of experiences and extract the valuable lessons from them so the trapped emotions can be put to rest and we are now being called to do exactly that.

In tomorrow’s Lawfully Organized Summit I’m going to share a brief teaching on paradigms, Matrix living and cognitive dissonance because that understanding will greatly assist those who are on the fence about what to do right now given how many counteractive stories are going around right now too. And together we can mastermind a solution that could help us take our power back before it’s too late.

On a darker note, but equally relevant because it tainted my view for nearly a year but also helped me gain clarity as to the need to dream a new dream together, is of the President of Ghana reading part of the 2010 Rockefeller Report aloud to his people; the Rockefeller Foundation report is linked in the video’s description.

If it’s a reflection of how black magic works in that they have told us everything they’re intending but they’ve dressed it up in words that most people get turned off from reading all the way through and thus hide the truth in plain sight for those who know what we’re looking for; and this has been how we’ve systematically been destroying ourselves and are now called to stop that.

Now we have a chance to change those unhealthy patterns for the greater good.

*ALBUM 22 SUMMIT MUST SEE: Sound Frequencies, Vibrations of Creation/Destruction & Music is also worth checking out so get ready for tomorrow because as our energetic signature changes, so do the meetings that we are able to hold!

Your feedback and questions offer us valuable perspectives and also encourages others seeing your comment to share their insights too so your example is appreciated!

Hope to see you on the Lawfully Organized Summit at 4pm EST tomorrow!!!

Much love,

Laura JEH – Namaste


PS. It is time to stop hiding from the truth and come out to face it fully, head on, so that we can cut off the head of the serpent as I recently learned Mother Mary represents as a protector from E-veil. Michael Seegers and I did a two part series on Mother Mary and the Rosary (Part 1 & Part Two respectively here) that I believe you would benefit from watching, on “The Michael & Laura Show.” Enjoy!!! 

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