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5/55: Ever Get Swept Away By The Chaos Of Discord??? Album 22 SUMMIT at 3:30pm EST!!!

Ever get yourself involved in something that you had no business getting into in the first place but felt called to, so you went, and ended up being the bridge over some unpleasant emotional waters?


Ever did all of that and got swept away by the emotions that flooded through you when you intersected with a paradigm that was calling to shift and you just happened to ride it back to the reservoir of old thought patterns instead of creating a new response pattern? Well now we have a chance to do exactly the opposite and create new neuropathways to ease ourselves into a changed experience!


But first we must surrender our desire to get involved with toxic drama.


Especially as leaders who are called to act by higher standards simply because more people are looking to those of us willing to stand in the lime light and answer the questions few feel qualified to answer or hold space for the ones who can to do so.


What I’m extremely excited for is that in less than half an hour I’ll be joining with fellow musicians and energy workers for Mad Hatter’s Mystic Music “Album 22” Summit 6 and today we’ve got a special treat! Two of my guests from the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United podcast (Michael Seegers & Denise Exler) will be joining us tonight and bringing their unique perspective forward that may have ripple or tidal wave like impact on the project we’re making to raise the vibe of the ones who will one day listen to it when they need it.


If you could RSVP for the event on Meetup and share it with friends it will help others get in the know about what we’re working on who may want to be involved in the project too.


To join us live at 3:30pm EST you can use this link here:

Meeting ID: 990 1200 9292

Passcode: PEACE


Also, I was chatting with my cohost Jared Wade earlier and mentioned an inner child process I wanted to record that turned into a spoken word piece full of insights I wanted to share before the Summit so quickly got up it up here.


I’ll also say if you aren’t able to catch the Summit live, I’ll be going live again to Facebook with Andrea Adams-Miller in a PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United podcast interview on “Creating a DOSE OF HOPE One Smile at a Time.”


It has a mental health focus that make it timely for what we’re facing as a collective as our individual and collective identities are stripped off us and we are left to stand naked and nearly our original selves again, loaded down with BS that keeps us from being willing to own the greatness within until we find the courage to just do it.


I’m trying to help people bust out of that fear-full mode and high frequency music is a prime way to do so and so I’m using the best tools I’ve been given, by calling on fellow great players of the game to step forward and begin to sing in unison and harmony in a project that I truly believe holds the potential of positively impacting the world in radical ways!


I hope you’ll choose to join us and hope your day is going great, at whatever point in it you get this!


Sending love,


Laura JEH – Namaste

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