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4/55: We Are Portals In A Spiritual War-Zone (CIA Report Link INC) + READ PS!!!

We didn’t have enough conscious light workers alive to hold the balance until now, and now that we do we must activate our light in unison to service the higher vibrations and frequencies that we can now hold, together, in the ultimate symbolic spider web of interconnectivity that we’re all part of as a hue-manity of all colours for it is typically our creeds that keep us separate.

In ancient days there was a secret question to gain admittance into the mystery schools and it was “how do you know when you suffer?” as a friend involved with the Rosicrucian Society once told me.

And in order to gain access to the Universal Laws (#SECRETS traditionally held by the #OCCULT) and learn how to spell cast with our words, we traditionally had to prove our worth/reason for belonging by answering with empathy, compassion and hue-manity that saw the sentient being within the other, even though it was separate from us; we understood that the connection was based on our attunement to love.

If you read the CIA Report called The Gateway Process, you realize that we are the centre of the Universe as the point in between the black and white poles within our cells, literally serving as a gateway into the Uni-verse that you are contributing your harmony to the collective song of. Like the fight between good and evil exemplified by the tale of the Cherokee Grandfather describing the fight between the two wolves waging within us all, the winner will depend on which one you are willing to give your attention to and thus we must understand the need to master ourselves.

Light workers must understand that we will experience resistance when we become willing to take a stand for the light and ground that frequency through our physical form because we then hold up an ugly mirror that ones who don’t want to change or accept the ugliness of the truth choose to remain in D.E.N.I.A.L. which simply means they claim “I Didn’t Even kNow I Am Lying” and yet on some level we all feel the truth and something about that just doesn’t sit right. Which is exactly where the sacred sojourn of the soul takes us if we are willing to fully commit to the journey, and even if we aren’t we’re going anyway so we might as well gain some tips for the journey so we have something to hold onto as we go over the edge and see where the chips fall.

We need to converge all the fractured soul fragments we have lost in the not-now moments of the past so that we can become wholly humans, fully present in the moment with each other again. And to do so we must call back all the other expressions of ourselves in other experiences/incarnations that are all happening now too for the God playing all the characters of our Soul’s incarnations is overseeing all of our individuated expressions of ourselves and sometimes we meet ourselves along the way and feel a touch of home because we recognize something familiar in them. And now we must become response-able enough to know that just because something is familiar does not mean it is good, and so we must break the spell of Stockholm Syndrome where we actually protect and defend our abuser because we have fallen so far under their spell that we have started to buy into their BS.

In order to give ourselves a kick to jump to these higher frequency experiences, even if only just for a moment, we must begin our practice now. And with intentionally directed focus we can truly work wonders on our impact on the world we share and are now called to consciously shape together.

As I listened to Elizabeth April’s ‘GFK Update, WW3, Portal Activation +’ episode I was reminded of the pattern I’ve been seeing lately prompting a soul fragment recall process connected to all the portal activations happening around the planet by people like you and I, whether we fully understand what we are doing at the time or not.

Psychic attacks often mean that we get pushed and attacked before we’ve been able to do the spiritual work that work could help tip the balance toward helping the light to win because of and so we are sabotaged, until we aren’t.

We’re in a full out war right now on a spiritual level that we need to understand which is the reason that Michael Seegers and I recorded the first episode of The Michael & Laura Show on Spiritual Warfare and the Nature of E-veil last year. You can check that out here and prepare for more as we develop the SPECIAL Practice that PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United use to support ourselves in standing tall and strong when the storms of change come.

It is also to say that I real-eyes a possible solution to the problem of corruption that we are currently facing and that is enhancing a lacking understanding of spirituality and the energetic world that we are living in. And that is what I’ve been doing my best to come to understand so I can share it with for the last decade.

Light workers must begin to understand the spiritual nature of war and how our emotions are used against us until we learn to befriend them, top to bottom. That is something I will share with you tomorrow. Speaking of which, I told you I’d explain the connection between Law’d and Lord and here I feel it a befitting place to address that.

From what I understand, a Lord is one who has come to understand the Universal Laws and Principles and is able to wield themselves power-fully to the point of being considered a Law’d who works with the magick of the Universe intentionally; in translating Law’d to English it became Lord and thus the corruption innocently entered the mix.

Short and sweet but makes sense to me!

What about you?

What does any of this mean to and for you? And what do you intend or hope to do about it?

Very much looking forward to your reply given that the quality of a person’s life will be in direct proportion to the quality of questions they are willing to quest after.

May you quest noble goals and dreams and always follow your compass as a Sovereign being which is what we’re going to dig into more tomorrow! I can’t hardly wait so am going to get started on it now 😉

Much love,

Laura JEH – Namaste

PS. This morning (MARCH 6) at 10am I’ll be going live onto Facebook with a passage from Saint Germain on Alchemy where we read Jesus Christ and Saint Germain Wayshowers of the Aquarian Age. Join me if you please or wait till 11am when Chantal joins me to watch a video on the Magna Carta and what it means to and for us all. One hour now! 

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