Day 20: A Great Question About Struggle & My Response

I was on Facebook this morning and saw a great question that I took time to answer in a detailed way.

The question came onto my newsfeed from one of the spiritual communities I’m in looking like this:

The answer that flowed from me was as follows:

“Gratitude, connecting with friends who know how to hold space instead of offer solutions so you feel supported to find what’s already within you trying to emerge in the butterfly transformation process you are currently undergoing.

Recognize that in the sacred sojourn through life you will go through the ‘dark knight of the EGO’ when your patterns of victimhood reveal themselves and feel like a slap in the face with each revelation, and then into the ‘dark-light of the soul’ when you realize you are the best of both worlds and are the one who gets to choose which world you will give your attention to.

Knowing whether the emotion is even yours is huge too – when you feel an emotion ask yourself ‘is this mine?’ and listen for the response, or feel it, however your intuition or inner knowing speaks to you. When you get the answer ask ‘can I let this go?’, ‘will I let this go?’, and if not “why not?” – your intuition will communicate with you in a yes or no answer so incorporating that simple exercise into your day is a great way to build self-trust which is ultimately what this rebuilding process requires more than ever.

I’m cohosting an INNER Child PEACE Summit tomorrow from 4-6pm EST and you’re invited to come – it’ll be on Zoom and FB Live so you can choose whether you prefer on camera or not.  We’re going to do some inner child rescuing and reassuring and that could be incredibly supportive to you at this time which is why we’re doing it free of cost without offering any products during the summit either.

It’s a pure give back to help strengthen fellow light bearers who are finding the burden of burning so brightly in such a seemingly dark world is getting a little much. We are here to spark one another and we also need one another’s light when our own flame gets a little tired… I believe it’s time for us to band together and calls for help are opportunities for service.

I hope you’ll feel called to come or listen to the replay of later and invite a friend so you can dig deeper into your souls together. We’re here for you and send you love!”

Admittedly I did modify it slightly for this repost but hopefully the beautiful soul on the receiving end of that answer gets something from it. And I hope you got something from it too.

Least of all, I hope you know that I’m hoping to see you join in tomorrow for this inaugural INNER Child PEACE Summit I’m so excited for!

Much love and many blessings,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Before that I shared Sia-Lanu Estrella’s Sovereignty & Soul Retreival Activation from YouTube which I’ll look forward to doing later this afternoon when I return from work but which I started listening to and felt inspired to share as a warmup for what we’ll be doing tomorrow! Take some time to meditate and be open to receive the massive downloads of energy that are available to us right now!

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