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Day 21: Talking To My Own INNER Child Before TODAY’S Summit!!!

Last night I connected with my cohost for today’s INNER Child PEACE Summit from 4-6pm EST, Tim Wheatley, and I’ll admit I got a bit intimidated.

The little girl in me started to compare my level of preparation to his powerpoint and the amazing content he showed me he’s going to dig into. It’s pure gold!

My intention is to lead you through a guided visualization through the INNER Kingdom of your own emotional landscape and there is no level of visual aid for that imagination stimulating shut eyed experience, but that part of me that momentarily questioned whether I needed to have done more got me going for a bit. But then I caught myself and let my inner child know that different is not better, it’s just a different deliverable and each of us are bringing something unique to the process which is why we partnered together in the first place.

I have learned how to do a tremendous amount when it comes to things I never thought I’d need to do, yet when life demanded it of me I rose to the challenge and figured it out, often with the assistance of friends who taught me what I needed to know (Thank you Brian Escobar, I couldn’t have got this far without you!!!). I’m moving to a new level now and my inner child needs reassurance that training and support will be there for what is being asked of me now and I have everything I need to do what is required.

I have faith in myself and the Universe that we are all part of.

What all of it has taught me is that I work best by riding the spontaneity of the moment, and part of that is driven by commitment issues I didn’t realize I had and have been working on ever since I realized they were there. Ever been there?

Over the last several years as I have marinated in more and more out of the box ideas, I have weaved together a unique perspective of life that offers significant value to those present to access it. And while I have countless presentations I’ve prepared, where my lack of professional graphics and features made me think less of the wisdom in them, I have pulled back a few times and felt it destroy me and this is what I learned.

It’s not about the bells and whistles, it’s about our ability to guide you deeper into the parts that can’t be photographed that I’ve been training for and even without a powerpoint I believe in my own worthiness.

I’m great at generating excitement and enthusiasm for a cause I believe in but if my heart is not in it I will not go. I have become acquainted with the Guardian of Faith within my own energetic system and she knows what she will not sell herself out for anymore. She is the Sacred side of the Prostitute archetype that we all possess, and learning to work with her inherent wisdom has been a humbling process.

That’s what I’m going to be talking about before the guided visualization this afternoon so I hope you will join us despite the reservations or insecurities that may arise for you. Sure it will be different for you because you’re not cohosting it, but whenever we commit ourselves to an opportunity we all feel that apprehension as to what will come from it.

May we bypass this irrational fear of change together as we come home to ourselves and our heart centre as individuals who recognize our part within the larger picture.

Much love and many blessings wished your way,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. The Summit will be hosted on Zoom and the meeting details will be emailed to everyone on my list of subscribers 15minutes before we begin so be sure to leave your name and email in the signup box to be in the recording live. We will also be streaming to Facebook and YouTube live as well! See you there!!

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