Day 26: Sprinkle Magick On Others Today

Another missed day came and went without an email from me; you may not have even noticed and I’m aware of that.

In today’s modern world of overwhelm and overstimulation I don’t always know whether a daily message is even appreciated when we often get so many, where even the great ones get lost in the mix of all that comes our way sometimes. And yet I’m doing my best to send one anyway because it’s part of the commitment I made to myself when I finally committed to seeing through the 66 day process.

When I miss a day I’m skipping it and picking up where we left off the series anyway.

From a punishment perspective there is little accountability in that but the truth is that on the days when I don’t manage to get the message up and out, it’s because I put my energy into doing something other than writing that day’s blog.

Working part time as a cashier has been a true God-send throughout this Plandemic! Launching the series a month ago too, for it has pushed me to remain active the way I was before, just in a more organized way; posting to LinkedIn, Facebook (Where Misfits Fit: Home for Soulfull Seekers + Laura JE Hamilton – Your Guide Home To Yourself + my personal account), Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, my website + the autoresponder I use to email my peeps, plus everything else that life holds in store each day has been a lot.

There’s just so much space in the inter-net that we often lose ourselves and our purpose in the process of ‘keeping up’ with all the places we have to connect and  sprinkle magick on people.

That has always been my intention and I didn’t fully realize that other people wouldn’t aim to do the same too.

Because I intentionally keep my vibe high by staying truth-full as much as possible, I didn’t realize that some people actually enjoy hurting others but I’m aware it’s true. I’m aware of a lot of things that are happening right now and some of it could be crippling if I let it in fully, but instead I’ve learned about what we’re facing so that together we can find a way through it.

No longer is it about going around the darkness but instead about being willing to go through it.

We live in a Universe driven by cause and effect as a cosmic law.

Every choice we make reflects our allegiance to our creator and what energy we wish to perpetuate in this world, and then what energy will come back to us as a result.

When I worked at a gym selling memberships a couple years ago I loved it until I took personally someone I loved’s opinion that I was not doing enough for what I could be doing (financially) and in the process grew resentful of what I had previously loved. Because while I got paid to sell memberships what I truly believed was that my job was to sprinkle magick on the members that made it to the gym that day, and to help people who wanted to make that their ‘self-esteem club’ to get started with their journey.

But things went really south after I started judging myself for the minimum wage I was earning despite all the training and qualifications I had to do far more than I was, and my efforts to create a new role for myself within the company fell flat with my passion for the job. Getting too close to my supervisor was also problematic because when I got stuck in between a rock and a hard place and he pushed too hard, my actions betrayed me and another who’d entrusted me with information I was expressly not to tell him. So that experience really broke me down for a while but it also taught me a lot!

I learned about my inner victim, saboteur, child and prostitute archetypes because all of those characters were active in me when I entered into the final two weeks of my time at a job I’d suddenly found myself resenting because of feeling pressured to move on.

My manager was a few years younger than me but I really loved his heart and appreciated his ‘saving’ my membership when I was going through a difficult time in 2017 and got the job when I went in to cancel my membership. I was loyal until I felt disrespected and not valued and suddenly my shadow side came to the surface in a display I am not proud of.

That said, it taught me a lot because I have been willing and able to look at it for what it was instead of how I looked coming out of the wash, so to speak.

I went from feeling like that community was a place where I could sprinkle magick and grow as a human being to thinking $15 an hour plus commission wasn’t enough for me, and despite the offer I wasn’t interested in climbing the ladder within the company.

Ironically, now I make $14 an hour without commission as a cashier and I still feel my responsibility is to sprinkle magick on people, just this time I care less about how much I’m being paid to do it.

As a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team (JMT) and a faculty member’s partner for several years, I have attended eleven International Maxwell Certification events in Florida where the average crowd was 3,000 members and each time I went it was with a heart to serve. Even though I never got paid to attend, I worked as devotedly as was needed to support those who felt out of their league and overwhelmed, and those who felt they were on top of the world too.

That is what we are all being called to do now and we have to realize our paycheck has nothing to do with the value we bring to the moment. In fact, the more we are paid to do what we’re doing, the more constrained we will be and the less magickal we can seem.

I add a K to magick because it’s about marrying our divine aspects which are both masculine and feminine; I used to say it was about marrying and merging with the Kundalini energy within our spinal column but Tammy told me that you could be scalped for even mentioning that blasphemous word to the original people of this land because of its dark origins. Tammy was the woman locked up next to me in the second institution I got sent to last year when life as I knew it forever changed. Bishop Larry Gaiters also referenced this in a message of his I watched and I intend to unpack it more with him this afternoon when I interview him again.

While seemingly unrelated, these stories all follow parallel patterns, just as my self-given grace with not getting out a daily message reflects the unstructured way I have approached my life up to this point and why it was an important part of my process.

I ride the wave of the moment incredibly well because of how I’ve trained myself to go with the flow. When I do so, I sprinkle magick on people by activating the fire within their hearts which is called the three-fold flame (Michael Seegers and I will dig into this deeper later this morning actually). When I get caught up in how unimpressive my results appear to those wanting to talk about profits and the financial abundance my path has garnered, I have dropped the ball countless times because profit has never been what drives me. People are.

I sprinkle magick (joy) on people when I’m working and when I’m not because it’s what I love the very most in life.

I absolutely adore lighting someone up and helping them get excited about doing something more than they thought they could do before and I don’t have to be acknowledged for it to be thrilled with us both.

It’s an incredible gift of service I have always given freely because it felt fun and I enjoy it. And I don’t need to be acknowledged for it because it’s what I feel I came here to do.

What about you? What lights you up and calls you to be greater than outward circumstances would justify?

Whenever people come through my till (and even when I worked at the gym) and ask if I’m “working or hardly working?” I often don’t know how to respond because not trying has seldom been my way. I am either working or I’m not, I don’t actively try to do less than I could because of how much I’m getting paid.

The point is, joy is contagious and comes from the soul. So instead of judging yourself for how much you’re making doing what you’re doing, consider how much the world needs what you have to offer and do it because that’s what you came here for.

At 10am EST this morning Michael Seegers are connecting for another interview I’ll post to YouTube once edited. And at 2pm EST Bishop Larry Gaiters and I will be going live for Part 2 of “The Spiritual Roots of Sickness and Dis-ease” which I set up because it’s what the world needs right now and if not me, then who will do what I feel called to?

The same is true for you.

Find that joyfulness within and bring it out, in full force. Today and all-ways.


Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I recorded a YouTube live yesterday in lieu of an email and didn’t post it simply because it was late and today was nearly here. Check it out if you care to and let me know what it means to you, for you and what you intend to do about it. I’d love to hear from you!

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